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A Peek Into the Future: Home Security Automation

blog-default The home of the future is going to be a very interesting building. As technology advances and new ideas are implemented, your home is going to become “smart.” Everything about it will become easier to control, easier to use and networked to make it simpler to maintain and to catch problems early.
And that will include keeping your home safe: Most gurus working in the technology industry believe that home security will be a key feature of any smart home system, including but not limited to:
Instead of having to look out the window or check a plastic ID that might be forged, the home of the future will be sent the fingerprints or voice prints of the repairman sent to your home. The doors will only unlock if the data sent by the company matches what the repairman provides.
You can add the biometric data of anybody, in fact. So, for example, you could set up a friend with a profile so they could swing by and pick up the mail if you're out, or the babysitter could get in even if you're running a little late. All without handing out any spare keys that might fall into the wrong hands.
Access Profiles
We all worry about the kids getting into things they shouldn't, or repairmen perhaps wandering around your house when you're not there.Read: 10 Safety Tips for When Workers Are in Your Home
But with a smart home, you can set up profiles so, for example, a plumber could only have access to the rooms with pipes that need fixing, or your prank-pulling family members won't have access to your bedroom if you let them in the house at all.
Remote Monitoring and Control
If you have a somewhat rambunctious pet at home, or perhaps an elderly family member living with you, the smart home will come with cameras that can be placed where you want them, and will have a fast enough data connection that you can check up on them on your smartphone or your tablet.
You can even open or close things remotely, so if the plumber needs to get into the master suite for some reason, it's as simple as pressing a button to let him in.
Emergency Recognition
But you can't be watchman all the time, and that's where another feature comes in. The smart home will have wireless sensors and a computer brain attuned to go on alert when it hears or sees certain criteria, such as a person tripping and falling, the sounds of breaking glass or a forced door, and so on. It can automatically alert the authorities and show them what's happening, in real time.
Learning Over Time
Also key will be learning over time. The smart home, for example, might learn that a loud crash isn't necessarily an emergency, just the cat getting into something he shouldn't, or that saying something urgent in your sleep doesn't mean there's an emergency. As your home learns about you, it'll be more effective.
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