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ADT Welcomes Alexa Guard to the Family

Posted: July 26, 2019

You’re on the way out the door for another busy morning, wrangling kids, fumbling for keys and keeping a frantic eye on your phone, praying time slows down. In other words, just another average morning. Three words can help protect your home and give you a sense of calm through all of the chaos.

“Alexa, I’m Leaving.”

Those simple words, when spoken to your Echo device, arm your home security system and activate the Alexa Guard.

Introducing… Alexa Guard

We’ve all had that moment of dread… did I leave the oven on? Will my house still be standing when I get home? Alexa Guard notifies you if it detects the sound of a specific life safety event.

Get Smart Alerts sent directly to your smartphone and get notified when a sound’s detected - Along with other alerts from the Alexa App. The Alexa Guard will also record the audio clip if the sound is detected and send to both you and the ADT monitoring center to respond if necessary.

It’s that easy.

So what sounds can Alexa detect?

While Guard is in Away mode, your Echo devices detect and notify you about the sound of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms or glass breaking. You decide which sounds you want Alexa to notify you about during Guard setup.

Make sure your entire home is covered by placing at least one Echo device in each room you want to be monitored. For the best results, make sure the device is near the smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector or glass you want to monitor.


Glass Breaking. Alexa Guard


Make sure the right people get notified.

You have two choices when an audio event occurs, automatically forward the notification to ADT’s monitoring centers or manually forward it yourself.

Automatic forwarding

Can’t stand by your phone 24/7? That’s okay. It’s good to put it down from time to time. Alexa can automatically forward the alert and the related audio clip to ADT-monitoring centers. An ADT professional can respond accordingly, sending first responders if necessary, to be there when you can’t.

Manual Forwarding

Want to decide if response is needed yourself? You got it. You can receive and review each audio clip and have the option to forward the alert and related audio clip to an ADT monitoring center.

While you’re away, let Alexa detect and an ADT monitoring center respond to carbon and smoke alarms, for the next generation of home security.

Add away lighting as another layer of protection.

Are your smart plugs connected? Alexa can automatically turn them on and off when Guard is in Away mode, to make it look like someone is home.

Alexa Guard uses machine learning to determine the right lighting activity for your home based on lighting usage across other Guard users. Just set Guard to Away mode, and Alexa will do the rest.

Already have ADT-monitored smart home security? Here’s how to get started!

Guard is a free Alexa feature that integrates directly with your ADT-monitored smart home security system. To get started, you’ll need your mobile device handy.

  1. Open up the latest version of the Alexa App.
  2. Navigate to the settings menu.
  3. Select “Guard” to begin setup

From there, you can customize notifications, and select audio events you want to track. Enable Alexa Guard backed by the safety net of ADT 24/7 Professional Monitoring -- keeping your house on high alert while you’re away, so you stay in control.

Ready to install your new smart home security system? We’ve helped protect over 2 million families just like yours! Call the home security experts at Protect Your Home to get started today!