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Alexa, Meet ADT Smart Home Automation

Posted: June 14, 2019


How often do you remember needing to do something at the most inconvenient time or place?

Most of us have wondered if we’ve remembered to lock the door because we were rushing to get somewhere. You step into the bath and remember you left on the living room lights. You lose track of time and are up to your elbows in some task when an expected friend arrives at the door and needs to be let inside.Now, what if fixing all those issues was as easy as speaking aloud and having an assistant take care of it? Actually, it is that easy because ADT Smart Home Automation has your back with voice assistant integration.

  • “Alexa, turn off the living room light.”
  • “Alexa, lock the front door.”
  • “Alexa, unlock the front door.”

You call the shots

The point of smart things in the home is to make life less stressful. As life gets busier with more things to track, reliable help can be a welcome relief. It’s extra value when the tools designed to help us can actually work together.

Integrating your ADT Smart Home Automation with a voice assistance program like Amazon Alexa is like having an extra set of hands. It’s a way to maximize the convenience of your home security system.

With voice commands, you have verbal, hands-free control of your security panel functions. Even when you’re out of local voice range, you can still use the voice assistant on your smart phone through the Alexa App. Send a variety of voice commands to your Echo device by speaking into your phone. You may not be home, but you’re still in control.

Supported ADT home automation devices

Extend Alexa and the ADT app by adding more Amazon Echo devices around your home.

With a voice assistant integration, you can ask Alexa to tell ADT to arm or disarm your security system, capture video clips, or set your modes of operation.

Worried that you left the hall light on? Did you forget to turn down the temperature before you left for the day? You can ask Alexa for the status of your security system and any connected ADT devices.

  • Security: Alexa, disarm my system
  • Locks: Alexa, lock the front door
  • Lights: Alexa, turn off the hallway light
  • Vacation: Alexa, set my mode to ‘Vacation’

Set up as many or as few commands as you need to operate all the features of your ADT home automation system.

Verbal PIN for extra security

As an additional security measure, ADT requires a unique verbal PIN number when you use a voice assistant to operate certain security features like disarming your system or unlocking the doors.

It is also important to use the name you assigned to your ADT home automation devices and the voice code you set up in the Alexa app as part of the command.

For commands that require a voice code, you’ll say, “Alexa, disarm my system.” Then it will prompt you for the voice code.

Additional ways voice assistant integration can help

Verbal command through your Echo device is not only a considerable convenience, but there’s an additional peace of mind component. You can extend the coverage of your smoke and carbon monoxide sensors with Alexa Guard. Then your Echo device can respond to sound events while you’re in away mode and provide a pre-determined smart alert if it detects:

Easy set-up

A simple navigation through the settings menu allows you to select Guard and begin setup. When Guard is enabled, it will automatically work with all compatible Echo devices that are connected to your account.

Integration does require Internet connectivity, a compatible Echo device, and enrollment in Amazon Alexa app and ADT interactive services.

Your personal home security attendant

Incorporating Alexa gives you verbal, hands-fee control over many functions of your ADT smart security system. You can speak and your security system will listen and respond.
It’s an easy addition that makes life more convenient and less stressful.

Convenience and peace of mind – this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.