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Break-In Alert on My Smartphone: What Now?

blog-default You get a message on your phone that your home security system has been tripped and that there is a possible intruder inside your home. As you stare at your smartphone screen, you feel somewhat immobile as you’re away and unable to defend your home and belongings. However, knowing how to move forward is the best way to help aid the deterrence of these unwanted guests and get them out of your home. Here are some effective actions you can take after and even during an incident:

As Soon As You Receive the Message:

Call the Police:

Give the police your address and let the police know that you’ve been advised of a potential break-in at your home. You’ll want to let the police know first since they’ll be the quickest to respond. Once they’ve been informed, you’ll need to file a police report right away so that they can track down the burglar(s) if they’ve escaped the scene.

Call Your Security Provider:

After calling the police, call your security provider if they haven’t already called you. It’s not completely unheard of for security systems to falter and go off without any actual threat, so you want to be able to find out precisely what’s going on. After all, technology isn’t always the most trustworthy. In the case that, yes, your system was tripped by a suspected home intruder, it’s only natural for you to want to know everything you can. Depending on the features of your security system, you may be able to find out more about what’s happening inside your home. For example, if a camera system is a part of the security system, your provider should be able to access these cameras to see whether or not the intruders are still inside your home. If you do have cameras, this might be helpful for when you take inventory of things missing. Ask that your provider watch what’s being stolen, or where the intruders are breaking things. The security respondent can also provide information on where the break-in occurred.

After the Incident:

File an Insurance Claim Immediately:

You want to inform your insurance provider of the robbery as soon as you can contact them. A lot of insurance companies will suggest that you take inventory of all of your belongings when you initially get a homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy. This is a very time-consuming process, and, because of this, many people often skip it. If you haven’t already taken inventory, it’s time to collect a list of items that were stolen in order for the insurance company to calculate what you may be owed. If you had security cameras installed during the break-in, you may be able to simply watch what they stole or at least see where they stole from.

Audit Your Security Measures:

Unless the culprit is caught, it may be hard to determine what led them to break into your home. Regardless, it’s probably best to audit your home security measures. Check the points of entry—were they dark and easy to access? Perhaps it’s time to install motion-sensor lighting and improve the locks and security of that door or window.If you lost a lot of valuables, it might be time to invest in a safe or a more discreet storage place for them. In most cases of robbery, things in plain sight are the ones that get stolen. This is also a good time to consider upgrading your security system in order to get the best protection and features to help prevent the situation from happening again. Having your home broken into while you’re away is a very scary thought. Home security systems can certainly provide piece of mind, but the professionals can’t do it all by themselves. Understanding the steps to take during and following an incident can alleviate the unnerving experience; and, in many cases, help prevent future incidences. So long as you have the means to notify all necessary parties (police, insurance companies, security providers, etc.), you should be able to bring things back to normal.