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What to Get the Home Automation Nerd Who Has Everything for Christmas

homeautomation The holiday season is characterized by friends, family, tradition, love & joy. But it’s also fraught with the felt obligation to buy or make gifts for the many people in your life. Some people are no-brainers when it comes to gifts, but other people might leave you stumped. They seem perfectly content with what they have; and beyond baking them a cake, you’re not sure what to do. Alternatively, gadget nerds may be toughest to buy for since they’re interested in very specific things. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the gadget nerd in your life, you’re in luck. Here are some really awesome gift suggestions:

Elgato Smart Key Tag ™

This is for everyone and anyone who seems to lose everything… especially their keys. If you know someone who constantly leaves their keys in the car or at a restaurant -- or someone who simply misplaces their keys on a regular basis--this is the best thing you can do for them. With the Elgato Smart Key Tag, you help give your techy yet forgetful friend the peace of mind that they’ll always know exactly where to find their keys. Attach this to a set of keys, and they’ll be able to find it in no time. At around $35, this is a highly affordable gift, and can even act as a stocking stuffer.

Smart Crock-Pot ™

Even if it seems like your favorite nerd has all things home automation, it’s probably a safe bet that they don’t have one of these: a WeMo ® enabled Crock-Pot. While they may already be familiar with WeMo ® home automation, they may not know smart Crock-Pots are available to help make cooking easier. By using the WeMo app, they’ll be able to turn the Crock-Pot on and off, adjust temperatures, and even monitor how long it’s been cooking. This Crock-pot generally sells for around $130-140, but keep your eyes peeled for holiday discounts.

August Smart Lock ™

We’re finally here: the future. With August’s new Smart Lock product, you can now control who is coming and going and when. Selling for $249, you can give the person who seemingly has everything in home automation something especially cool. It works in unison with its own app. All your gift recipient needs to do is sign up and register their phone, and then they can virtually toss out their keys. It doesn’t stop there! They can grant access to friends, family, and even a repairman at any time of the day, wherever they are. Naturally, they’ll need to have an internet signal, but that’s all they’ll need to truly rule over their home. It’s hard to find just one thing that will truly make the gadget nerd in your life super excited. With all the neat gadgets on the market, it can often times be difficult to choose the right one. Just remember that on top of being really cool, practical tech gifts are never a bad idea, as they can help make life a whole lot easier for your loved one. Think about how these gadgets could make someone’s life easier and that should take away a lot of the guesswork.