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Remote Wipe Applications to Guard against Smartphone Theft


Today's high-tech world allows home security systems to protect loved ones and possessions, but it also gives more temptation for thieves. The introduction of smartphones allowed users to streamline their daily routine, combining a phone, music player and internet access into one device. The volume of personal information makes smartphones a prime target for robbers.

Being smart and safe                          Many used their cell phones in the open when texting became a popular means of communication. This posed a personal security hazard at a time when cell phones were expensive and not yet a commodity. As the cell phone market grew, prices lowered and the devices were more accessible. This limited the range of products that thieves would be interested in to only the newer models.

Texting continues to be a popular practice amongst cell phone users. This poses a risk, as the cell phone is held away from the body, making the device easy for thieves to grab. Phone calls usually require the phone to be held to the user's ear, creating a more secure posture. Potential robberies would have to be done at a closer range, allowing people a better reaction time and a greater chance of noticing the thief.

Try to limit the visibility of the device. Don't text when a short phone call will suffice. Refrain from playing games on the device in public. Keep your phone in a deep coat pocket or your purse. Don't make yourself an easy target by exposing your phone in public.

Removing personal information from a stolen device Earlier this year, a San Francisco district attorney and a New York attorney general met with representatives of Google and Apple to discuss the implementation of kill switches for users who had their phones stolen in an attempt to better protect their personal information.

Two months later in August, Google released the Device Manager for Android users, which allows owners to remotely wipe their devices in the event that it is stolen. Apple has also enabled this feature on iPhones. This added security precaution allowed victims to protect their personal information.

As technology advances and everyday routines are streamlined, it is important to be safe. In the event of a theft, never confront the robber during or after the incident. Notify your service provider and follow their instructions. Losing a phone can be devastating, but with the right precautions, it can be prevented or limited to minimal damage.