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How Smart Home Technology Helps Pet Owners Have It All

pets Recently, pet owners have been made aware of the dangers of some of the technology they use to make sure their pets are confined to small areas when the owner is away. These kinds of technologies include electric fences and dog collars—both of which might cause anxiety for your dog and can lead to more serious problems in the future with how they react to other people or how they react when left alone. Luckily, there are still types of technology you can use to “have it all” when you’re away from home and still want to keep track of your pet. Rather than cause anxiety and unwanted behaviors, these tools can help you check in on your pet without behavior modifiers.


Both an app for Android & Apple, iCam allows you to set up cameras in your home so you can use your smartphone to check up on your pets to see how they’re reacting to, say, a thunderstorm, the mail carrier—or whether they have separation anxiety. By keeping watch over your pets, you might discover reactionary behavior that you can later try to change with the help of a trainer or positive reinforcement. Not only that, the “extra eyes” can help alleviate some of your own worry of wondering about what your pet does when you’re away. Chances might be good that your pet isn’t getting into mischief, but it’s still a relief to see them on camera.

Whistle Activity Tracker™

Whistle Activity Tracker is a pet-safe collar that allows you to track not just your dog’s whereabouts, but you also get to keep a recording of their activity, behavior, and their habits throughout the day. The best part about this is the use of GPS to know exactly where your dog is in case you worry about them escaping the house or the fence. It’s also great for helping keep your dog healthy, and it’s relatively inexpensive at $49.

Automated Doggie-Doors and Cat-Doors

When you’re home—and own a house with a fenced yard—you enjoy the convenience of a pets-only door so your pets can get in and out of the house without you having to open the door for them. When you’re away, however, it can be difficult to monitor these entry and exit doors. So as you consider automating your door locks and windows, keep in mind an automated pet-only door that you can lock upon leaving, or restrict to only entry or only exit.


Controllable remotely from your smartphone, Petnet (an automated pet feeder) allows you to decide when and how much food you want to put in your pet’s bowl. This tool is especially helpful when you’re trying to count the calories for an overweight pet while you are at work or on-the-go. Pet obesity is a large problem in the U.S., and now you can monitor how much your pet is eating and can schedule feeding times that fit your pet’s schedule to match your own. Smart home technology has truly made pet ownership far easier than ever before. While having a pet still requires a lot of time and effort, smart home technology can help take away the edge that often comes with leaving your pet alone for the day. The days of worrying whether or not your pet is safe are very rare; and automated home technology is only likely to get better.