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How to Use Smartphone Monitoring to Help Take Control of Your Rental Properties

Posted: December 08, 2014

As a landlord with multiple properties to oversee, you may feel overwhelmed at times with the many responsibilities on your plate. Plus, it’s tough to know what you can and can’t control. That’s when you should start thinking about utilizing your smartphone to control appliances, security, and away-from-home maintenance. These quick apps take minutes to download and can significantly reduce any stress you have about renting out your properties.

Power Company Apps

Inspired by the National Energy Conservation Act, power companies are getting more creative with ways for their customers to save on energy. By creating apps for smartphones, power companies give you the control to manage your energy use when you’re away from your rentals. Whether you forgot to turn off the lights, or the weather has changed unpredictably, these apps help you to save on your energy bill. If you don’t charge for utilities, this can be especially helpful.

Appliances Apps

From refrigerators that track expiration dates on your food to smart ranges that notify you about preheating or cooking times, more and more appliances are coming equipped with technology that allows you to control them with your smartphone. Sure, this sounds futuristic and a little over-the-top, but soon you’ll be able to manage almost everything at your rental properties through your smartphone.

Security Apps

There are a number of mobile apps that allow you to help keep your rentals and possessions safe while you’re away. Automatic door-lock apps like Lockitron or Gojiguarantee that you always have your doors locked when you leave or before you go to sleep. You can also download apps like WeMo® that notify you if there’s movement in your home while you’re away using motion-sensor technology. You might have to install hardware to do this, but potential tenants will appreciate the added security.


Monitoring how well your HVAC system is working can help you save money on energy bills and keep your system running clean. Apps like Nest are especially helpful for reminding you when to replace filters in the HVAC system. Other apps like the Honeywell Lyric can be utilized to detect leaks or other repairs you need to address. Meteorologists are predicting this winter to be a bad one; so equipping yourself with these apps can be a huge boon to your rental property. Taking care of your rental properties doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process anymore. With the flip of a switch, your property can go from unprotected to completely secure; or from wasteful to energy efficient. The extra investment will go a long way and your tenants will thank you for it. For more home automation tips and tricks, keep up with the Protect Your Home blog!