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The Future of Home Security

Posted: October 01, 2018

While we may not quite be to the days of fully functioning, autonomous robots that are capable of responding to any command, we are well on our way toward advanced home security. Even now, you can ditch your keys altogether if you choose and control automated systems within your home from the screen of your smartphone. It won’t be long before we will be seeing new home security technology take the front seat in our homes.

More and more automation

The future of home security will provide many new ways to keep an eye on your home. What will home security look like in the future?

  • More and more automation: To advance home security to a point where we are able to take full control, we will see more and more automation. If it can be digitized and made more efficient, we will soon see it.
  • Integration: While we already have all kinds of automated devices— cameras, locks, window sensors, smoke detectors, appliances, thermostats, garage door openers, video doorbells, you name it—these devices typically function separately, all from individual apps or platforms. We will soon see advanced home security that ties together using a single platform to control devices and help protect your home.
  • AI (artificial intelligence): AI is an emerging technology and we are starting to see the startling capabilities offered by such technology. As improvements are made, we will begin to see the spread of AI into new home security devices.
  • More voice control options: When people talk to Siri or Alexa, you might notice they pronounce with the grace of a robot, as though each word is its own sentence (“Siri. Directions. Home.”) As technology advances, we will likely see the integration of more voice control options and better capabilities so that the robot voice isn’t necessary to see results.
  • Outdoor enhancements: Security will no longer be limited to what is inside of your house. Surveillance cameras and devices such as gate and fence sensors will make it even easier to detect when someone is lurking.
  • Drones: These automated devices can help provide surveillance of areas that are difficult to monitor or access. Increasingly nimble, drones are anticipated to be a safe way of monitoring potentially hazardous situations and are anticipated to be part of the future of home security.
  • Biometric scanners and facial recognition: We will no longer be limited to passcodes that we are required to remember. Instead, we will see more secure ways to gain access. Eye scanners, thumbprint readers, and facial recognition will also be more difficult to imitate and hack.
  • Surveillance everywhere: If there are places you can escape the eyes of a camera now, it won’t stay that way for long. Devices such as drones and street cams will soon be able to track individual movements and detect the presence of intruders. In addition, video analytics can even identify a person without needing a physical person to act as a monitor.

With cutting-edge technology, protecting your home will get even easier. The future of home security is on the horizon.