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Cord Cutter Revolution: Why Wireless Home Security Systems Are the Next Big Thing

Posted: February 19, 2015

Gone are the days of wires tangled haphazardly in hidden places. Wireless is now the way to go, and the number of wires in homes has decreased significantly. Some folks remain skeptical about the wireless life, but there’s one thing that’s for certain: wireless security is the next big thing and it’s here to stay. With smartphones integrated into modern smart security systems, we’re able to take the system with us wherever we go, as long as we have a signal. Read on to learn more about wireless security systems and how they’re becoming fixtures in our daily lives:

Keeping Your Eyes on Your Kingdom

Being the ruler of your castle means having control at all times. When you install a wireless smart security system in your home, you have the ability to keep a constant eye on your home. With your surveillance cameras, you can transmit video feeds directly to your smartphone. That means being able to check in on your pets or ensure that your kids arrived home safely from school.

Control When You’re Gone

Let’s say you’re running late for a big meeting, and you forget the basics when you leave the house in the morning: turning off the lights, locking the doors, turning the thermostat down, etc. Before, you’d spend the entire day worrying about whether you turned the coffeemaker off, or if you locked the door on your way out. Now, with smartphone technology, you can open up your security app and turn off your coffeemaker, lock the door, and even turn down the thermostat. And yes, you can also control your security system. If you forgot to arm the system, open your app and arm it.

Cutting Costs, Along with the Cord

Smart home security systems often come with an app that lets you take control of your home while you’re gone -- but they can do more than that. Smart systems are also designed to cut the costs of your electricity bill and utility bills. Many of these systems feature smart thermostats that sync with your smartphone, so you can control temperatures while you’re gone. This means being able to turn down your thermostat while you’re away and getting it back to a comfortable level when you’re on your way home. Some thermostats even learn your preferences and schedule after awhile, and they’ll begin adjusting temperatures automatically. This means they’ll perform efficiently and without any effort on your part.

Adapting to New Technology

Let’s face it: technology will continue to change and evolve, based partly on our desire to see it evolve and become smarter and simpler. It’s only natural, then, that home security systems will continue to offer smarter features. Some people are unnerved by the upswing in smart and wireless technology. They wonder what happens, for instance, if Wi-Fi goes out. This is a legitimate question, but home security systems can always fall back on the essentials: a good, localized system that is overseen by a trusted security provider. In order to keep up with modern advances, you’ve got to play in the modern playground. New technologies are intended to make our daily lives easier and more streamlined. When it comes to home security systems, new technology not only allows you to keep a firmer grip on the overall security of your home, but it also allows you to control parts of your home and cut down the costs of your utility bills as well. Consider upgrading your existing system or researching a wireless, smart system for your home.