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Home Automation

Robots in the home, self-cleaning kitchens, smart homes—fifty years ago, these were daydreams and the makings of futuristic stories. Today, they are reality and are available to almost everyone. When it comes to making your home a smart home, there are a million and one things you can do to make home life a little easier. From simply buying light bulbs that can be controlled from your phone to installing a complete home automation system, where everything from your blinds to your doors to your heating and cooling can be controlled from one main panel, creating your smart home can help save you time, energy, and money. Many times, we forget to turn off the bathroom light in the morning, leaving it on all day. We may leave the air running while we’re at work, or turn the heat up too high, leading to high energy bills. But with home automation, these annoyances can be eliminated through a quick press of a button or swipe of a screen. Not only do home automation systems make life easier, they help make it safer. With the technology of today, you can sync your home security system with your home automation system, making access to your monitors and detectors immediate, keeping you and your family safe.

Empty houses can be prime targets for potential burglars. Luckily, thanks to recently developed remote control apps, homeowners can monitor their home security systems from their mobile phones. Keep an eye on your home There are a number of mobile phone applications on the market that allow...

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