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15 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Christmas

Posted: March 19, 2014

Need a few tips for keeping yourself, your family, your pets and your home safe this Christmas? Here are 15 to consider.
1. Secure your home. Whenever you leave and at night, set yourhome security alarm and lock all doors and windows.
2. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If lots of people will be around and you're using a potentially flammable Christmas tree, make sure your alarms are in working order.

3. Never use worn light strings. If a string of lights is worn or has exposed wires, toss it - never put it on your tree or house.

4. Don't let guests drink and drive. Keep an eye on guests who are drinking alcohol at gatherings and make sure they have a safe ride home.

5. Keep foods out of the reach of your pets. During the holiday meal, make sure your pets can't get at the food - especially dishes with chocolate or other poisonous substances.

6. Use automatic lights. If you're leaving home, automatic lights can make it look like you're in the house and potentially deter burglars.

7. Get a fire extinguisher. In case a fire breaks out while you're cooking Christmas dinner or someone forgot to blow out a decorative candle, a fire extinguisher is good to have on hand.

8. Clear walkways and driveways of ice and snow. Prevent slips and falls by shoveling and using salt or de-icers to make safe paths.

9. Use ladders while decorating. Chairs and stools might be more convenient, but they're not as sturdy and could lead to accidents.

10. Keep poinsettias out of reach. These holiday staples can be poisonous to pets, so store them where your animals can't get to them.

11. Make sure toys are age-appropriate. Don't let young children play with toys that have small parts or sharp edges.

12. Place your tree away from heat and flames. Christmas trees can catch fire if they're too close to space heaters, furnaces or fireplaces.

13. Be wary of strangers. Some may knock on your door asking for donations at this time of year. Ask what it's for and who they are before opening the door.

14. Observe traffic laws while shopping. People get into holiday shopping frenzies, so be cautious on the road and drive safely.

15. Put valuables in your trunk. While shopping, lock up your Christmas gift purchases in the trunk when you go into another store.   Employ these tips and help avoid running into trouble on Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays from Protect Your Home!