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3 Commonly Overlooked Home Security Tips

Posted: March 07, 2014

Everybody's aware of the importance of locking their doors and windows when leaving the house. Some leave interior lights on to give any potential burglars the sense that there are residents in the home while they're out. Other have dogs that will alert neighbors to any trespassers. However, there are a few that are usually overlooked but are equally important.

Tend to your gardening tasks

Protecting your home doesn’t have to include a lot of expensive home security measures. Something as simple as trimming the shrubbery on your property is a cost effective way to deter home burglary. Trimming the bushes is an easy task to complete during the warmer season. Come fall and winter, cutting the shrubbery grows more difficult and may become less of a priority. Regardless of the season, it is essential to get outside and cut the hedges down to a point where nobody, specifically thieves, can crouch behind them and survey your house. Burglars seek out hiding places to assess houses and the closer they can get, the better it is for them. Keep the thieves at bay and trim your shrubbery and perhaps even consider getting rid of it altogether.

Leaving items outside your door

One of the quickest indicators that a home is vacant is the presence of packages or notes outside the house. Let your neighbors know that you appreciate their gifts and reminders, but would prefer to get them in person. For packages being delivered to your home, ask neighbors to take them off your doorstep and pick them up later. If this is not possible, consider constructing a simple box for your packages to be dropped off in. If you're traveling, have the post office hold your packages and mail so that it does not accumulate on your property. Residents going on vacation provide some of the best opportunities for burglars. Most post offices will hold your mail for up to 30 days.

Be mindful of your windows

Letting sunlight into the house is important, but be wary of what you place near windows. Putting high-end, expensive items within view of windows makes your home a prime target for any potential burglars. Placing a television away from windows in the living can often be difficult, so consider a television cabinet with doors. Also be sure to invest in quality blinds or curtains to further dissuade thieves from scoping out your home. These tips can be difficult to implement, especially if you have settled into a comfortable routine. However, they are great preventative measures that are certainly worth the work.