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3 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure in Under 30 Minutes

Posted: August 26, 2014

A good security system will help keep your home safe and secure, but if you don’t feel like you’ll be able to have one installed soon, there are precautions you can take until you are able to have one installed. These other options are simple, and you can often do them yourself!

Live Smart

Part of avoiding break-ins has to do with the way you live. Do you leave certain things visible, like boxes for new electronics? Do you leave your doors or windows unlocked? The smarter you are about the way you live, the safer you should be. Don’t leave things in your yard or on your front porch. Make sure that no valuable possessions are visible through a window from the street, and always lock your doors and windows when you leave or go to sleep. Don’t put valuables in an obvious place: desks are goldmines for thieves because many people put their valuable information and possessions in a desk drawer. Instead, think about getting a small safe for anything you’d commonly put in a desk. If you’re conscious of what thieves might be interested in taking, you can do a better job of helping deter crime by keeping your possessions out of their sight and out of their criminal minds.

Put Up a Warning Sign

Security systems often come with a sign that goes in your yard or the front porch. This is another great way of helping deter crime. However, if you haven’t installed your home security system just yet, you can still put a warning sign up that indicates some form of protection. For example, if you have a large guard dog, you can put up a “Beware of Dog” sign. Another idea would be to put up a “You’re Being Recorded” or “Surveillance Camera on Premises” sign – whether you have cameras or not! Many would-be thieves may steer clear of your home when they see a sign like that because the last thing they want is to get caught red-handed.

Make It Seem like You’re Home

Most thefts take place whenyou and your family are out of the house. More often than not, they’re only interested in your valuables; not you and your family. A good way to help deter thieves is to make it look like someone is still home. While visual cues are always good, noises tend to work even better. Try leaving a radio on, or even a TV. While this strategy will eat up some electricity, the price is worth it if it helps deter burglars. If you’re going to be gone until it starts to get dark, think about purchasing a timer for your any of your lights. These timers are inexpensive and allow you to control when lights automatically turn on and off. Whether or not it’s dark, the lights can make a serious difference. There are plenty of simple preventative measures you can take to help keep your family safe. While the above tips are certainly helpful, imagine how much more protection you can have eventually pairing these tactics with a home security system. Should a burglar actually break in, there would be comfort of knowing that someone would be contacted. Taking advantage of all your available options and covering all your bases is rarely a bad idea.