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4 Emergency Safety Tips for Winter

Posted: March 31, 2014

Whether your region is known for having intense winters or a few big storms every year, there's no better time to prepare for the upcoming season than now. If you think you know everything about planning ahead for winter weather and the complications it causes, you still might want to think about revamping your strategy. It doesn't hurt to expand your plan and make improvements to ensure the safety of your household this winter. Take the following weather tips into consideration for the coming months.

Keep an eye on gas lines

If a storm is brewing or you're in the midst of one, The Weather Channel recommended keeping an eye on gas lines, which may rupture during intense weather. This can potentially raise the risk of a fire. Monitoring your pipes and gas lines can help you prevent problems in your home during inclement conditions.

Have snow removal equipment on hand

Stock up on shovels and invest in a snow blower if necessary before winter kicks into high gear. It's this type of equipment that will help you get through even the biggest storms in the middle of winter, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Additionally, these tools can help you get out of your home in the event that you become snowed in and need to seek assistance.

Stock up on sand and salt

One problem you may also have to endure aside from snow is slippery ice. This can cause an issue if you're trying to leave your home, whether it's via car or by foot. That being said, it's a good idea to stock up on sand and salt to provide traction on areas outside of your house. Sand and salt can cause snow to melt and prevent ice from forming in high traffic areas.

Verify your emergency supply kit

Some of the emergency items you may want to have around the house before a big storm include gallons of water, bandages and flashlights. You might also want to stock up on non-perishable food and canned items that could be used in the event that you're snowed in. Verify that all of your emergency supplies are still usable if it's been months since you last took a look. There's no such thing as being too prepared for winter, which can be unpredictable and intense. These tips can help you keep your family safe this coming season.