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4 Simple Bathroom Safety Renovations

blog-default The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in a home, as many accidents can and do happen there. With slippery surfaces and moisture, it's easy to see why so many people suffer slips and falls in the bathroom. Whether you're growing older, are housing an elderly person, or just want to make the bathroom safer for everyone, there are some bathroom safety renovations that can make a big difference. Here are four to keep in mind as you plan your new bathroom.

1. Grab bars Having something to hold onto while in the shower or bathtub, or while using the toilet, can be a big help in preventing injuries. Grab bars should be placed at waist-level and should be securely fastened to the wall. This simple bathroom safety renovation will allow someone to reach out and grab them easily in the event of a slip or if extra balance is necessary while maneuvering on and off the toilet or stepping into the tub.

2. Lighting In case there are any hazards, like a rumpled mat or a pile of clothes on the floor, it helps to have good lighting so these dangers can be avoided. The hallway leading to the bathroom should be brightly lit at night in case someone needs to use the bathroom. Installing nightlights in the floor outlets and in the bathroom is a safety renovation that costs very little, yet provides your family with an extra level of security.  There should also be adequate light in the shower or bathtub area so people can see what they're doing even behind the door or curtain.

3. Shower seating If you have a walk-in shower, it's a good idea to add built-in seating for convenience and safety. Especially as individuals get older, it can be difficult to stand for long periods of time, and fatigue can lead to falls. A bench can also be convenient if someone has to shave, as doing this standing up can be awkward and could potentially result in a slip.

4. Built-in shelving In your shower or bathtub area, you may want to install built-in shelving to house toiletries instead of relying on hanging racks or baskets that are suction-cupped to the wall. These can potentially come loose and send bottles and soaps flying, which could cause someone to slip on them or get injured while bending over the pick them up.