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5 Tips for Staying Home Alone Safely


When a home is empty, it can give you the chance to relax and unwind, which can be especially rejuvenating if you've had a hectic week at work or with the family. Yet despite the benefits of being home alone, there are some risks which you should try to be mindful of, especially since they can make you more susceptible to burglaries and other crimes. With these five tips, you can ensure that the time you spend by your lonesome at home is safe and leaves you feeling protected. 1. Keep your phone within reach If at any point during your time alone you feel threatened, reaching out to a friend or loved one can be a terrific way of alleviating your anxieties. In order to do so, you should keep your phone charged and close by while you're by yourself. 2. Lock your doors and windows This is a simple step that can do wonders for increasing your safety and security while alone. Before everyone leaves the house, consider doing a roundabout stroll of your dwelling and checking on all the doors and windows in the process. 3. Have a first aid kit Regardless of whether an intruder breaks into your home or not, you may encounter other emergencies while alone. If you fall or have some other kind of minor injury, you may need to treat your wound on your own. With a first aid kit around, you can prepare for all kinds of situations. 4. Develop an emergency preparedness plan If someone broke into your home while you were alone, would you know how to react? Having an emergency preparedness plan in mind could be a crucial part of ensuring that you are not exposed to a potentially dangerous scenario. Before you spend the night alone, consider putting an evacuation plan together in case this situation occurs. 5. Don't answer the door for strangers If you're not expecting someone to arrive at your home but you hear a knock on the front door, this could be a potentially hazardous situation. Contrary to what some homeowners might believe, some intruders may be brazen enough to try walking through a front door rather than breaking and entering a home outright. To be on the safe side, avoid answering the door unless you expect someone. In addition to these five tips, you should consider the benefits of investing in home security systems. With a security alarm, you can gain support during times of need and better protect both you and your loved ones from potential threats to your personal wellness.