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6 City Safety Tips for Your Kids

Posted: March 31, 2014

Your home is the safest place you know, filled with your most prized possessions and providing your loved ones with a warm and loving environment to pass the time. Ensuring that your house is set up with automated security alarms can guarantee that your place has an extra layer of protection and that your family has the essential support that they may need during potential emergencies. The time and investment that you've made in your home's security can help reduce the occurrence of break-ins, burglaries and other situations. However, what should you do if your children are venturing outside of your home and out toward the big city? In this kind of environment, your loved ones could be exposed to a variety of risks, which underscores the importance of personal safety. With these six tips, you can make sure that your children are kept safe while they explore everything that an urban environment has to offer.

1. Have a plan

Before letting your kids venture outside the security of your home and neighborhood in favor of the big city, you want to have a plan in place. Consider sitting down with your children and outlining everything they plan to do on the trip up - this can make you both feel more confident in the success of the trip. Websites like Fodor’s and Tripadvisor are a great place to start in outlining a schedule of events for your trip.

2. Create a meeting place

Planning a trip to the city with kids can always be tricky, especially if your young ones have plans to be alone with another group of people while you're there. One way you can feel more reassured is to set a meeting place - like a museum or public area - to rejoin with your kids when they're done.

3. Travel in groups

Children should never travel into a city by themselves, as this can make them vulnerable to thieves and other nefarious characters. However, if you send your kids as part of a group of friends or in a field trip to the city, you may feel more comfortable with the prospect of the trip.

4. Research the area

Have you been to the city your kids are going into? If so, you may have a good idea about the kinds of challenges they may be up against while they're away. However, if you've never been to the city before, it's essential that you research it beforehand.

5. Staying in touch

If your kids are planning to enter the city with a group of friends or chaperoned by another set of parents, you still want to make sure you're in communication throughout. Sending your children away from home with cell phones or tablets can be a good way to gain peace of mind and have a direct way of getting in touch while they're away.

6. Monitor the trip

In lieu of sending your kids alone to explore the city on their own, you may want to consider venturing up with them to see what kinds of adventures they'll get into. Or using an app like Find my Kids which allows you use GPS in real time to locate your child’s phone so you can see when they are traveling and when they arrive. This can be a good way for you to also grow more comfortable with your child's increasing independence.