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9 Tips for Cleaning Your House Safely

Posted: August 22, 2016

Deep Clean

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then we’re pretty sure that you work really hard to keep things tidy, right? But in your quest to make your home shine bright like a diamond, you may be inadvertently introducing new hazards to yourself and the rest of your family. Here, we offer 9 tips to help you make sure that your cleaning ambitions don’t lead to disaster for your family.

1. Bottle up clean

Avoid using old food containers to store cleaning products. This could confuse young children into consuming toxic chemicals.

2. Aim high

Store cleaning products up high out of the reach of children; avoid keeping dishwashing liquids under the sink.

lock up cleaning supplies

3. Lock it up

Use safety latches on all cabinets containing cleaning products.

4. Keep an eye on clean

As you’re tidying up, make sure to never leave chemicals unattended if you have small children in your home.

read all cleaning labels

5. Reading is fundamental

Follow any safety precautions listed on household cleaners, and if you experience any discomfort such as irritation to your eyes, nose or throat, discontinue use immediately.

let fresh air in

6. Let some fresh air in

When using chemical cleaners of any kind, proper ventilation of your home is key to preventing headaches, dizziness and other, more serious ailments. Always open several windows to ensure that the gases emitted by cleaners are able to escape your home.

7. Glove up

Wearing rubber or latex gloves while you’re cleaning can protect your hands from harsh products that may irritate your skin and cause rashes or itching.

check the safety precautions before cleaning

8. Get a brand new rag

Mold, mildew and other bacteria accumulate and multiply on cleaning implements, so it’s ideal to switch out your rags and sponges every two to three uses, depending on what you’ve cleaned with them.

9. Avoid mixing cleaning chemicals

– Some cleaning chemicals are not safe to be mixed together. This is especially true for bleach. Mixing bleach with various chemicals can create toxic gas that is harmful if inhaled.

For some, cleaning is therapeutic and relaxing. For others, it’s a regular chore. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, keep our tips in mind to ensure that you and everyone in your family is protected and safe at all times.