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Doubling Down on Your Security: Protecting Your Car

blog-default It’s safe to say that you probably do all sorts of things to protect your car. You wash your car to prevent rust; bring your car to the shop for random noises and you perform annual maintenance. So, why wouldn’t you help protect your car with a security system or some kind of an alarm? Car theft is a reality that we’d like to pretend doesn’t happen, but you should have prevention plans -- even if you think it’s a distant reality.

When Shopping for a New Car, Ask About Security Systems

Many new cars don’t even require a key to start and can operate when you simply have the key on you. When shopping for a new car ask about cars with security systems that will help prevent anyone from driving the car that isn’t supposed to (along with gas mileage and warranties, of course). If you’re driving a new car right off the lot, a security system will help prevent anyone from tampering with or stealing that shiny, new car.

Install a Car Alarm

If your car is older, it might not have many of the security features of newer vehicles. Invest in installing a security system to help make sure that your car is protected. Many systems will notify you if your car is being tampered with, and you can have these updates sent to your smartphone.

Locking Your Car

Common sense, right? How many times have you walked to your vehicle thinking it was locked and realized that you’d left it unlocked while at work – or even overnight? Leaving a car unlocked increases the likelihood that someone might open the door and steal something from inside—or worse – steal the vehicle itself. Automatic keys make it pretty simple to lock every door of the car; but if you drive an older car (without automatic locks), make sure to check the locks before leaving the area.

Don’t Lose Keys

Having a key remade is only about a ten-minute process and locksmiths rarely ask for proof of car ownership to make a replacement key. That’s why it’s important that you don’t lose your keys. There’s always a possibility that someone might find your key, make a replacement, give your key back and use the replacement to later break into your car. If you have spares for your children or significant other, keep track of those keys.

Stay Updated

Your security technology might work fine now, but as technology continues to improve, so do thieves who figure out how to dismantle car alarms. To help stay protected, all you really need to do is keep reading about security system updates and learning about new technology, in general. Read reviews to find a security system that works for you and your car.

In the Event…

If something does happen to your car—something stolen from the backseat, broken windows, or even theft—notify authorities immediately. In the event that your car has been stolen, authorities will be able to put a watch out for the car immediately, greatly improving the odds of catching the theft and getting your car back. Protecting your car seems like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be a hassle. All that’s required is logic and increased attention to updates and details. Follow the steps mentioned and you and your car should be just fine!