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Home Security Lighting Tips

Posted: March 19, 2014

Several options exist for homeowners seeking security lighting options. Indoor and outdoor lighting represent the most practical and relatively inexpensive methods. Lighting delivers several benefits, including an attractive ambiance and crime prevention. The quality of lighting installation is one important component to consider. Poorly installed lighting systems might prevent a higher level of security. Law enforcement might experience trouble finding a location and intruders can easily remove poorly installed lighting systems.

Quick Lighting Tips

Multiple outdoor lighting applications deliver security, safety and a pleasing environment. Homeowners can incorporate lighting into outdoor areas to achieve ambiance, prevent accidents and deter crime. For example, the avid gardener can install landscape lighting along walkways, sidewalks and standalone beds. Landscape lighting offers a low-voltage, or solar-based, method for illuminating dark areas. Outdoor accent lighting also provides security and a possible increase in property value. For example, up-lights illuminate trees, bushes and other locations. The up-lights cast illumination into the foliage of outdoor bushes, which might reveal a would-be intruder.

interior lighting security

Interior Home Lights

Examples Installing interior security lighting startles an intruder. Several indoor lighting products aid in crime prevention, even if someone breaches the home's interior. For example, indoor lights with sensors turn on when motion is detected. Some homeowners make a mistake when they leave one interior light on while absent. While this provides lighting upon entering a home at night, experienced home invaders take a single burning lamp as an invitation to intrude. Timers can assist homeowners with implementing interior lighting measures.

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Exterior Lights

Homeowners have several options when selecting exterior lights. Choices include lighting power sources, installation location and specific lighting purpose. For example, homeowners can use traditional lights powered by electricity or select solar lights to save on energy bills. Fire features, lighting that is created using fire pits or other appliances, alter the outdoor landscape mood. Lanterns also provide another outdoor option and homeowners can place them on front porches or install post-type lanterns in the ground.

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Change the Times of Room Timers Installing interior lighting accessories offers convenience and security. Instead of leaving one light on when going out, homeowners can install timers. Timers offer a convenient way to turn on different lights in a home or other appliances. For example, if a homeowner plans to return home late several evenings in a row, they can set an interior timer for multiple lights that turn on at specific times. Many timers come with the option to turn on lights at different times in the evening. Instead of burning one single light all day, this presents the illusion that someone is actually in the home.

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More Exterior Lighting Ideas

Motion Detector Lights

Motion Detector Lights on Garages or on the Back of House and Back Door Lighting exterior areas, such as backdoors and garages, can help deter crime. Motion detector lights are one of the best options. These lighting solutions save on energy and turn on immediately based on outdoor motion. Installing the lights near backdoor areas helps deter crime and notify a homeowner if an intruder is present on the property. Motion detector lights for garages offer the same safety measure. If an intruder approaches the front of the house, the garage door lights immediately turn on.

High and Out-of-Reach Lights

High and Out-of-Reach Lights That Can't Be Disturbed The location a homeowner chooses to install a lighting system makes all the difference. Placing lighting within reach puts control back in the intruder's hands. Consequently, homeowners should consider installing their security lights out of reach. Lights can be installed 8 feet from the ground, along the roofline. Proper placement reduces the likelihood that an intruder can break a bulb or pull down a portion of the lighting system.

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Automatic Garage Door Opener

Install an Automatic Garage Door Opener In some situations, how quickly a homeowner can enter their home plays a role in whether or not they become a victim. Homeowners who spend a substantial amount of time outside the home in the dark upon arrival are more likely to become victims of a crime. Consequently, installing an automatic garage door opener assists with quick entry. In addition, the garage should be well lit, which will inform a homeowner if someone is lurking in the shadows.

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Well-Lit Front and Back Doors

Keep Front and Back Doors Well Lit Homes should always have well lit front and back entrances. In many situations, homes have landscaping features, such as hedges and bushes that can easily block an intruder from site. When these types of landscape features are close to the front door, powerful lighting enhances a homeowner's ability to see and deter crime.