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How to Keep Safe at Home: Tips from Dad

Posted: June 14, 2017

When it comes to home security advice, it’s fair to say that children often look to their dads for wisdom. All dads are different, but most feel very protective of their children. And, they are often full of great personal safety tips that will keep us safe and protected.

We asked around to see what kinds of advice dads have to offer. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Dads want their families protected.
    Dads like the comfort of knowing that their families are following the home security tips they have to offer. Having the extra layer of protection offered by home security systems also helps lay worries to rest. Worrying doesn’t just happen when dads are away. It happens when families travel together. WIth home security, dads don’t have to worry about returning home to an immense problem.
  2. Dads like video surveillance.
    Having video surveillance is at the top of the list for dads. Being able to see what’s happening without being present is a way for dads to keep tabs without having to offer home security advice. However, it doesn’t keep dads from offering personal safety tips. It doesn’t always have to be about deterring burglars. Knowing that kids are safe inside is enough to make dads feel good about their home security system.
  3. Preventing crime is important.
    The whole idea behind good home security advice is to keep crime from happening. Yes, you could ideally have an easier time finding a culprit if you have a home security system, especially one equipped with video. But, the whole idea is to keep bad things from happening in the first place. Our dads love home security because it keeps those bad things from happening.
  4. Know what’s happening at home.
    Sometimes, protecting your family is just as much about keeping them inside, rather than keeping others out. Any dad knows the very real problem of keeping tabs on toddlers. Governed by independent minds, toddlers are often stubborn, adventurous, and blissfully unaware of the dangers they might face while running down the street. Security systems also offer peace of mind that their little ones are safely tucked inside.

But don’t take our word for it. See what our dads have to say.

security for when you can't be there

Dads like to know that home security systems are there to protect their families if they can’t be

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dad who doesn’t feel protective about his family and have a few personal safety tips up his sleeves. In our survey of dads, one of the pervasive trends that stuck out was a need to feel as though their family is protected. It happens, dads have to travel for work. Or, they get called away to be with a family member. Whatever the reason, dads can’t always be with their children. Knowing that families are armed with home security advice provides dad with a little reassurance when they are absent.

Travis Fischer, an IT professional, occasionally finds himself traveling for work and likes knowing his family has that extra protection: “I wanted to make sure my wife and children had a safe secure place to come home to as well as a safe place while they are home and I am away.” And Travis isn’t alone. This feeling is typical of those dads who worry when away.

Joe Lindsey lives on property where his closest neighbor can barely be seen from his front porch. Knowing that neighbors are not close by, he wants to know his family is armed with home security advice. He likes his home security system because he gets “peace of mind knowing my family and home are protected.” Protecting his two young boys and wife is always on the front of his mind.

Giving home security advice is a way for dads to know they can protect their families, even if they can’t be there.

Home security also helps eliminate worry when the entire family is away. Chris Parrish, Sr. Surety Underwriter, has never underestimated the true value he gets from his home security system, especially when the whole family is traveling.

“Our system is great, it takes our mind off what could be happening and lets us enjoy the moment we have away. Our system always helped protect us from the heartbreak and insecurity of suffering and intrusion or fire.”

For Chris, his security system lets him enjoy the poignant moments, without needlessly worrying about his home while away.

video survellence

Video surveillance is high on the list of priorities for dads

When we reached out to ask dads about home security advice, we found a trend in their responses. They feel much safer with video surveillance. Tim Barnett mostly works from home, but that doesn’t keep him from worrying. His favorite feature is the video camera mounted on his front door.

“We have a video camera mounted at the front door. I like this feature, especially when we are away from home to monitor home business deliveries and arrival/departure times of dog caretakers. It is also good to know that anybody we don't know approaching our front door can clearly see the camera working to ensure the security and safety of our home.”

Being able to know what is happening when you can’t be there is definitely a benefit with video surveillance.

Similarly, Joe likes being able to see that all is safe and sound when he has to work late. With video surveillance, he feels confident that he always knows what is happening: “I often work late hours and it gives me peace of mind when my wife and children are home by themselves.”

Video surveillance doesn’t always function in catching criminals. Sometimes, it just helps you monitor the activities inside your home.

home security deters crime

Home security systems deter crime and dads love it

It’s easy to think that video surveillance is a great feature because it might help you find the culprit if you were subject to a home invasion. However, the goal of good home security advice is to prevent break-ins from occurring in the first place. Tim thinks that his home security system does exactly that: “I believe a conspicuous security system, along with other home security features like motion-detected lighting, provides a strong deterrent to anybody looking to break into a home.”

And we know this is true. Burglars are three times more likely to consider a different target if they believe that a house is equipped with a home security system. Chris knows that a small change is often all it takes to keep your home from being a target: “After a family member suffered a break in and related pillaging, it caused a realization that a simple change, such as a security system can add that little needed bit of comfort while home and away.” Home security advice sometimes isn’t enough. Often, you can keep yourself from being a victim with one small decision.

knowing when people come and go

Knowing when people come and go is a helpful security feature for dads

Sometimes, keeping kids in is just as important as keeping invaders out. Greg McMullen and his wife are anxiously awaiting the installation of a home security system in their new home. He has a two-year old and a newborn; obviously, he has his hands full. Greg recently had a worrisome situation that can’t be solved with simple home security advice, and that he definitely doesn’t want to see repeated. His hope is that his security system will help him gain a better handle on who comes and who goes.

“The hope is that we’ll have a better idea of people coming in and out of the house and gain a greater awareness of it especially when it comes to our kids. I recently had an experience where my daughter was outside and I was completely unaware of it. Knowing when they leave the house is just as important as keeping unwanted guests out.”

Protecting your children isn’t always about keeping people out. For Greg and his adventurous little tike, it’s about keeping her inside to know she is safe.

best tips from dads

Best tips from dads for keeping safe

Dads want to know their children are protected. Part of that involves being proactive and providing your kids with personal safety tips. Here is some sage wisdom that was offered by dads.

  • “Crime knows no address so always be aware. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.” (Jeanna Dressler)
  • “Always pay attention to your surroundings.” (Tricia Bauer)
  • “Don’t make assumptions, think it through, and make sure you've examined the situation.” (Chris Parrish)
  • “Always be especially vigilant when walking up to your car, look for anyone walking towards you.” (Dennis Locke)
  • “Always trust your intuition – it is never wrong!” (Karmen Fink)
  • “Your gut never steers you wrong. Be true to yourself and trust your instincts.” (Keith Marshall)
  • “Never answer the door to a stranger and call the police immediately if you ever feel unsure or afraid about somebody near the home.” (Tim Barnett)

One thing is certain: Dads rest easier knowing their kids are safe and sound and offering their favorite personal safety tips makes that simpler. Happy Father’s Day dads! Thanks for all the home security advice!