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How to safely clear snow from your roof

blog-default Snow will fall as the temperatures continue to drop, posing many hazards for homeowners. Accumulated snow on rooftops can be a threat to structural integrity. There are a few home security tips to help keep your loved ones and your house safe this winter. Roof Damage The sheer weight of snow may cause a roof to collapse, and the continual melt can force water beneath the shingles, which could cause mold to grow. It's essential to clear snow from your roof during the winter, but doing so can be hazardous. Climbing a ladder is dangerous in any season, but especially so in the wintertime. Using Rakes The New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services suggested homeowners purchase snow rakes that will allow them to clear off their roofs without having to leave the ground. Remember to be careful when using these devices, as you may accidentally damage your shingles. The city of Boston noted that 2 to 3 inches of snow should be left on the roof. Ladder Safety Should snow removal require a ladder, make sure it's firmly planted and anchored down before ascending. Additionally, the DHSES advised having a spotter keep their hands on the ladder and an eye on the climber. However, only use one if absolutely necessary, since ice can quickly form on the rungs and pose a slip hazard.