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How To Secure Your Home While On Vacation

Posted: August 08, 2013

Going on vacation soon? Make keeping your home safe and secure a priority before you leave. Following a few home safety tips will help you avoid worst-case scenarios while you’re gone so you can thoroughly enjoy your long-awaited trip.

Strip Down Any Sign of Extravagance or Affluence

Keeping your home extravagantly appointed may look pretty, but any sign of affluence can be an alarmingly effective tip-off for burglars. To avoid becoming a housebreaker’s target, keep decorations to a minimum so your home doesn’t stand out.

Rethink Your Garage Security

Even if you know all your neighbors and feel safe within your neighborhood, never leave your garage door open. An open garage door is like a flashing neon sign for intruders, so close and lock it every time you leave. Consider increasing your safety by investing in a stronger home security system.

Make Your Yard Burglar-Repellent

Attractive landscaping is aesthetically appealing and can increase the value of your home, but dark vines, high bush walls and countless shrubs can assist intruders during a robbery by providing a hiding place. Trim bushes and tree branches, lay gravel on walkways and under windows and plant thorny bushes throughout your yard to deter potential burglars.

Ask for Your Neighbors’ Assistance

Do you have friendly neighbors? Let them know your travel plans. Have them take turns picking up your mail, turning on porch lights and watching the property. You can also ask them to water your plants and care for family pets. Don’t forget to bring them a thank-you gift from your trip! Completely avoiding burglary is impossible, but a strong security system coupled with the above tips will definitely help secure your home while away.