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Lifehacking Tech - What Cool Technology Should You Keep An Eye Out For?

blog-default Life's hassles aren't always easy to deal with, but there are people out there trying to make your daily life easier, simpler, and a little more tech-savvy. Tech startups around the world work to hack those everyday problems you have. Here are four companies that every lifehacking tech geek should be keeping a close eye on in 2014.


Ever know you’ve saved something but can’t remember where? Found allows you to search for any file saved on your computer and your personal cloud. It allows you to find a file no matter where it’s hiding. No more wasting time searching for documents, pictures, or anything else.


If you have a loved one that you worry about, say an elderly parent, you'll obviously want to know that they’re doing okay. Lively has developed sensors that can be installed in a home so that you can monitor a person's daily activities. It also provides an easy way for elderly people to connect with their family via Internet.


Sometimes you get so busy you forget to lock the front door of your house, or at least think you forgot it. Lockitron is a door lock that’s connected to your smartphone. It allows you to lock and unlock your door remotely or without a key. Really streamlines your day. If you're into home hacking, you'll know that this list is definitely not comprehensive. What did we miss? What are your favorite home hacking technologies?