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Protect Your Home Risk Assessments Help Determine Your Home Security Needs

Posted: September 11, 2019

Protecting your home is serious business. That’s why we treat it that way. Helping to safeguard homes against intruders and threats of fire, flood, and carbon monoxide should not be taken lightly. That’s why it’s important to perform a risk assessment before selecting your home security solution.


A risk assessment helps identify possible weak points in your home so that we can properly develop a customized home security system. We perform a risk assessment on every single home we enter so that we are fully aware of any vulnerabilities prior to installing your home security system.

Risks to a home’s security involves much more than the weak point in a home’s structure. That’s why our assessment involves consideration of all factors impacting the safety of your home’s inhabitants. 


Physical vulnerabilities


Our home risk assessment evaluates any possible weak spots in your home’s physical structure. This involves physical vulnerabilities such as broken locks, shattered windows, rotting structural components, ineffective door latches, and other points where an intruder could easily gain entry into your home. 

Neighborhood and status of ownership


Helping to protect an apartment requires a different approach than safeguarding a single-family house. To ensure that we are providing the optimal home security solution, we evaluate the position of your home in relation to others.


The layout of your home


Before we can install an effective home security system, we have to account for the layout of your home. We evaluate how many floors you have, the positioning of windows and doors in the room, and the possibility for entrance and exit. This is important information when considering which home security equipment and life safety devices are best for your home.


A security advisor assessing the potential risk of a home




Our risk assessment calculates any hindrances to the visibility of your home. Obstructions can include vegetation, poor lighting, fencing, and any other visual blockages. Because intruders want to avoid detection, a home with limited visibility makes for a more desirable target. For this reason, we fully assess where line of sight is obstructed and recommend extra measures if visibility is significantly reduced. We also look for motion lighting to help increase visibility should someone enter your property.


Where people sleep


When customizing a home security solution, it’s important to identify where inhabitants sleep. This also impacts what kind of life safety equipment is recommended. If you have second-floor sleepers, this will affect where you place motion sensors and where alarms are located.

Fire hazards


Intruders aren’t the only risk to your home. This is why we perform an evaluation to determine any fire hazards. Our home security solutions can be integrated with life safety equipment, such as smoke detectors, to help prevent a fire.


Potential for flooding


Flooding can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. That’s why our evaluation of your home includes an assessment of flood risks, as well. Flood sensors can help with early identification of flooding to help mitigate costs and damage.


Potential for carbon monoxide leaks

Carbon monoxide poisoning poses a significant threat to your family. As an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas, carbon monoxide often goes undetected without a carbon monoxide detector. Our carbon monoxide detectors can be integrated into your customized home security solution to help ensure your family is protected. 

Once our security expert has completed a full risk assessment on your property, they will determine the best equipment for your needs and install your home security system. Our experts will

  • Evaluate your home and identify potential risks.

  • Develop a customized home security solution unique to your property.

  • Install your home security system.

  • Educate you on how to use your system. 

We handle everything so you can rest easy.