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Snowboarding Safety Tips

snowboarder_w640   You may be considering taking the family out for a ski trip this winter. If so, it's likely that your more adventurous kids are thinking about taking up snowboarding. This can be an incredibly fun activity, but does require a high level of caution. Earlier this year, a professional snowboarder sustained a career-ending injury, proving that the sport has serious dangers. During winter activities, home security is not the only type security your family has to be concerned about. Start with the right equipment When acquiring snowboarding equipment, first start with the boots. Make sure that your feet fit snugly, but not tightly. This can be difficult to distinguish. However, bear in mind that unlike regular shoes, you'll likely be placing a lot of pressure on your toes. A boot that's too tight might cut off circulation and one that's too loose won't give you enough control and may cause you to trip. Take your time trying on sizes before making your decision. Now comes the fun part - choosing the right snowboard. If you're renting one, you likely won't have many design options. However, if you're purchasing one, choose based on comfort, not on looks. An important note for rental boards - you're not measuring your board by height. Instead, you're going to decide based on your weight. You'll notice that if you go into any snowboard shop that boards list the board's size and its weight capacity. There are a number of other factors to consider as well - type, shape and more. For these, you'll have to discuss your terrain and riding preferences with a staff member. Be safe on the trails Riding on the mountain is a great way to spend a day. However, it's important to be safe. Don't leave the bunny slope until you feel ready. Before boarding the lift, unstrap one of your boots from the board. Disembarking the lift can be tricky. Allow your board to fully touch the ground before attempting to stand. Once you're in the clear, strap your foot back in and start slow. Never be afraid to stop and rest. However, it's critical to make sure you're not in the middle of the trail when you stop. Also ensure you're not positioned at a blind turn or over a slope. Try to keep at least one boot strapped securely onto the board. If you have to remove it, make sure you place the board in a position where it won't slide downhill. Understanding safe practices in snowboarding will help your family enjoy the mountains this winter.