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Staying Safe | 5 Child Safety Tips


As a parent, you likely take steps every day to ensure your children are protected and are given all the resources they need to have a healthy and productive day. Regardless of how old your little ones are, working to safeguard your house from potential threats to their well-being is likely one of your most essential and important goals.

While child-proofing your home is crucial if you have toddlers at home, for children that are slightly older, determining what you should do to keep your home safe can be tricky; however, it’s certainly possible with these five child safety tips!

1. Know the risks

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 2.3 million children are injured accidentally each year, while more than 2,500 are killed due to these incidents. These troubling statistics draw attention to the very real perils that children face all of the time, and during seemingly mundane activities. Fires, falls, sports performance injuries, and other situations can be damaging for children and often result in serious health problems.

2. Maintain electrical appliances

Melted outlets, outdated appliances, and faulty wiring can jeopardize your children's safety in major ways, and could also create a major fire hazard. To guard against this, be sure to visually inspect every electrical device you own. If you notice frayed wires or malfunctioning devices, don’t let your children near them. Moreover, take measures to have these devices fixed or properly disposed.

3. Invest in security systems

As both a parent and a homeowner, you have to take steps to protect the safety of your house. This space is more than just an area to store belongings - it's the backdrop against which your family will grow and prosper. Home security systems can give your security measures an extra boost and provide you with an immediate connection to police in the event of an emergency.

4. Say no to driveway play

Keeping kids safe goes beyond the walls of your home. Kids love to run around and soak up the fresh air, but if your youngsters frequently leap fences and play in or around your driveway, this can be a serious safety hazard and put them at risk if an individual is pulling in or backing out of this area. Make sure your kids are aware of this danger and know that playing in these areas is off limits.

5. Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Your little ones may be playing in a room or section of the home when you're not watching them and be exposed to the threat of fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. Install and maintain smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detecting devices. By regularly testing these devices, you can make sure they will function during emergencies and keep your family safe.