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Ways to Hide Valuables in Everyday Objects

Untitled1 Regardless of whether it’s money or jewelry, the more valuables you own, the more you have to worry about someone trying to steal these items. This fact is especially true when you’re away from your home or you have to leave your possessions relatively unguarded while you’re away. So, what’s the trick to keeping your valuables safe? Start thinking like a thief in order to help protect your property. With just a few common items, you can disguise your valuables, hide them, and help keep your stuff safe. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

The Old Hiding Spots Aren’t Working

Leaving something in your car or keeping it in your purse won’t prevent thieves from getting to your valuables. The old tricks involve putting your smartphone in the glove compartment or in the center console, but now that’s exactly where thieves will check when trying to steal from you. Think about where you generally hide things and decide whether or not it’s more common than you previously thought. Just consider the old “hide-the-key-under-the-floor mat or rock” trick. Now, they actually sell fake rocks to put near your front door that open up and allow for key storage. With the popularity of these fake rocks, know that thieves are aware of these tricks too! It might be tough to do, but take some time to think about where you’d check if you planned to try to steal something. What places would you check? If you are currently hiding valuables in some of these areas, it might be time to switch it up to help prevent a theft.

Disguise Your Valuables

When folks own something valuable, the temptation is almost always to show it off. Naturally, the more valuable something is, the more tempting it’ll be for thieves to steal. So, after you’ve picked up the latest iPhone or Android, think about putting it in a cheaper-looking case. Or, when you buy a nice watch, don’t go for the one that’s over-the-top with its aesthetic.  In other words, don’t be overly ostentatious. In fact, do whatever you can to make it appear that you don’t have anything of worth. That’s the best way to help protect your stuff.

Use Everyday Items for Storage

Similar to the aforementioned disguise, you can also use everyday items to hide your valuables—be it cash, a smartphone, or your identification documents. Getting these things out of the open will leave thieves none the wiser. So, when you head out for a swim at the beach, put your cash inside of an empty suntan lotion bottle (or a fake one like this "Tan Safe" bottle). While it isn’t totally foolproof, there aren’t many people who are going to think of stealing your suntan lotion. Instead, they would consider walking away with your wallet. Keys are another item you should be mindful of. For many folks, the most common thing they do is leave a key in their pockets. However, a less conspicuous approach would be to stick them at the bottom of your lunch box. Start by keeping these items in places where you wouldn’t normally think of them belonging. Money in the lotion bottle, keys with your food, and your smartphone in a shirt pocket are all great examples. Another thing you should think about is determining just how valuable your personal belongings are. You might not think that your particular prescription drugs are valuable to others, but they very well can be.  Don’t keep them in your toiletry bag where you’d normally keep them while traveling. Hide them in a part of your suitcase that’s less obvious. By thinking like a thief, you’ll be more proactive when it comes to your security. In doing so, you begin to realize just how obvious those old hiding spots are. Start thinking creatively about how to mix up certain locations in order to confuse the possible perpetrator, and help keep your stuff safe.