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Home Safety Tips

Whether you own or rent your home, it’s still your home. You wake up there, fall asleep there, host parties, holidays, and cuddle up with a good book there. It’s special, and we want to keep it that way, which is why creating a safe zone around your home, wherever it may be, is important. Home security systems are the best way to protect what you care about: property, belongings, and of course, your family. But beyond installing a security system, which will alert you of intruders, accidents, or any other breach of your system, you should be aware of the little things. For example, where you store household cleaners is a small detail that can have a large impact. Many cleaners are full of harmful chemicals, and if kept too close to heat, such as your stove or oven, they can create a big, toxic mess. In addition, baby-proofing your home, childproofing it, and knowing how to make it secure when you go out of town are all ways to ensure you’re being as safe as possible when it comes to protecting what matters. And although you may have many great ideas in place for how to keep your home safe, you should always reach out to an ADT professional for tips and advice on how to protect your property and your family.

Leaving your child home alone for the first time can be scary, but sometimes single parents who work have no other option. Educating your child ahead of time on what to do in the event of an emergency will help keep him or her safe while you are gone. Take the following steps to ensure your child’s safety while home alone...

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Going on vacation soon? Make keeping your home safe and secure a priority before you leave. Following a few home safety tips will help you avoid worst-case scenarios while you’re gone so you can thoroughly enjoy your long-awaited trip. Strip Down Any Sign of Extravagance or Affluence Keeping your home extr...

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