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Best Home Security Equipment and Tips for Remodeling Your Home

Posted: May 02, 2017

Warmer weather brings that special motivation we all seek year round and often fail to achieve. Suddenly, we are driven to shed that winter skin and partake in spring cleaning and home renovation projects. Since you’re likely to spend lots of sweat and maybe a few tears getting it just right, you should consider how you will help keep your home safe during the big project. What kind of home security equipment do you need to make sure all is safe and sound?

Although your spouse may claim to be a jack of all trades (you might even fancy yourself the one who can tackle any project), you’ll likely find yourself calling in some professionals to finish up any project that needs the expert touch. Depending on the size of the project, this could mean that you have a large crew of new people coming and going all day long for a span of weeks. Or perhaps, you just need that extra bit of help and it’s a half-day job with two specialists.

Either way, having new people in your home or seeing your house torn apart for weeks can make a person a bit edgy. Unless you want to hire a personal security team to keep a watchful eye on your humble abode, you’ll likely feel better taking a few precautions. Plus, you have to worry about protecting your home if your renovation project requires taking your house apart. How can you help keep your family safe if your windows are missing? Take a look at our home security tips.

Tips for helping to protect yourself from unreliable contractors

While evaluating your home security, consider the problems associated with a disreputable company or contractor. You don’t want someone to take advantage of you while working in your home. You can take a few steps to make sure that all of your precious possessions are protected.

vet any contractor or person

Take the time to properly vet any unknown person or company

Some renovation projects can take a significant amount of time. There may be limitations to when you and your chosen hires are able to cross paths. In dire situations, there may even be health concerns with being in your home if you have mold or issues with hazardous situations. You may need to trust a person or company to be in your house without anyone else present. In this case, make sure you take the time to properly vet the contractor or company.

You can use tools such as:

  • Angie’s List: Angie’s List is a paid service that allows you to find trusted reviews. They do not allow for anonymous reviews and the service takes steps to verify that reviews are genuine and come from a reputable source. In addition, the Super Service Award winning providers have also been subject to a background check.
  • Better Business Bureau: Known for consumer protection, the BBB offers free reviews to people looking to find reliable sources for various types of work.
  • Yelp: Yelp offers reviews in almost any category you can think of. Hop on Yelp and choose the Home Services category in to find responsible contractors in your area.
  • Home Advisor: Another paid service, Home Advisor helps homeowners find home professionals based on budget, location, availability, and area of expertise.
  • Google search: A good ol’ fashioned Google search can help you verify that contractors are associated with the company they claim to work for. It may also help you track down reviews and glean other helpful information.

Knowing that you are letting a trustworthy company or contractor into your home is the first step toward doing your due diligence. For more ways to ensure you are getting a reputable remodeling professional, check out these 18 tips.

use temporary access codes to allow contractors access to your home

Use your home security equipment to provide access codes

Access codes are a great way to permit entrance to your home. If you have an automated lock on your doors or the best home security equipment that assigns access codes, you can program those devices so that your crew is given an access code only for the allotted time.

With ADT Pulse, you can even assign codes with dates so that codes automatically expire when the job is scheduled to finish. You don’t even have to log in and make changes. They magically (or rather, with the help of smart technology) vanish and your home is secured.

If you haven’t opted for the best home security equipment setup, you can always use a garage door opener app to allow contractors to come and go. If your garage door opener is attached to your home, these apps let you open and close your garage door remotely and see if it has been left open after completion. These have limited functionality, but could be an option if your home security equipment is limited.

monitor contractors with security cameras

Surveillance equipment can be used on project days to monitor your home

One of the major trends in modern home security equipment is cameras. You can easily monitor what is taking place in your home without being there.

With little fuss, you can position indoor cameras to cover the most important areas of your home so that you can act as home monitor when you can’t be there in person. With ADT Pulse, you can even access your web portal or smartphone app to take a quick peek anytime you want.

remodeling and safety tips

Additional tips for helping to secure your home while remodeling

On top of these best home security equipment tips, you can take a few extra precautions to help protect your home and loved ones.

  • Neighborly love is a great home security equipment accessory: Even if you have the best home security equipment there is to have, nothing beats your neighbors. Get to know your neighbors. They can keep an eye on your home and you can return the favor.
  • Lock personal belongings in safe: Before letting any unknown person or persons into your home, take the time to lock away any valuable or irreplaceable items. Even if you are insured, items with sentimental value simply cannot be replaced. Play it safe.
  • Hide any and all keys and garage door openers: This can often go overlooked, but it’s always a good idea to stash away keys, garage door openers, and any other tool or device that allows unmonitored access to the points of entry in your home. These can be taken and used against you at a later time. It is also easy to assume that spare keys or openers have simply gone misplaced.
  • Secure all sheds and garages to store seasonal belongings and tools: Often, sheds and garages hold high-dollar items such as bicycles, tools, or other seasonal equipment. These areas are a prime target for theft and any missing items can often go unnoticed for weeks or months. If you have an unattached garage or shed, make sure you install a padlock or other locking mechanism to help prevent break-ins. If your garage is attached to your home, lock away any expensive tools or equipment that could easily get swiped. 

Home security tips for your remodeling project

The other home security concern that needs your attention is making sure that your remodeling project doesn’t give a green light to a would-be home invader after the crew is gone for the day. Exercise these measures to secure your home.

Stow away tools that could be used to break into your home

Home invaders are often opportunistic. As much as we may think that a mastermind hatches an evil plan which took months to refine, that is simply not the case (usually). Many burglars live nearby and seize an opportunity for easy theft when they see it.

Leaving ladders, hammers, or other tools lying around makes easy work for an opportunistic invader. These tools can be used to access areas of your otherwise secure home. Hammers can be used to break windows, while ladders provide entry to higher windows. Also, leaving tools scattered around sends the message that your home is in disarray and would make an easy target. Instruct your crew to pick up after themselves and make sure there are no errant items scattered around once your workers have departed.

secure all windows and doors

Make sure all windows and doors are secured

Depending on how in-depth your home renovation project is, you might be making adjustments or upgrades that make certain points of entry easy targets. If possible, make sure all windows and doors are secure and locked at the end of each day.

Are you replacing doors or windows? If so, try not to keep these points open overnight. Schedule installation to occur as early in the day as possible to avoid any possibility that it may not be complete before night falls.

If you absolutely must leave a window or door space open, completely cover the area with plastic covering and some tough tape. Also, position motion sensors and an indoor camera near the opening giving you eyes on your weak spot. Lighting is also a good deterrent, so feel free to shine some light on the situation. In addition, you may consider staying in an alternate location, if possible.

Home remodeling projects can be a ton of fun. It is exhilarating to watch your home transform into the place you have always wanted it to be. To make sure it stays that way, follow some easy home security tips to help keep your newly remodeled home beautiful and secure.

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