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How to Replace the Battery in Your ADT-Monitored Sensors

Posted: April 05, 2018

So, you’ve been protecting yourself and your home with a wireless security system. Your motion sensors, door sensors, and window sensors all run on batteries. To make sure you are still on that path to home protection, it’s important to keep all of your sensors working properly and perform the necessary alarm sensor battery replacement. Fortunately, the process is simple and changing batteries is an easy task for a homeowner.

Lithium sensor batteries last for years (approximately 3-5) so you don’t need to replace your batteries often. If you don’t feel comfortable changing batteries yourself, you can contact your security company and request the assistance of a technician. Unfortunately, there is a fee involved. If you want to give the alarm sensor battery replacement a try, follow the steps below to save yourself that fee.

How do I know if my battery levels are low?

To determine if any of the sensors are in need of new batteries, simply go to your security keypad. The keypad will display a low battery message (typically “BAT” or “LO BAT”) and the zone number of the location for the sensor that needs a new battery. Reference your alarm’s manual for the trouble codes and how to decipher them. Most systems run a test once every 24 hours to assess battery life. If an battery is determined to be low, the keypad will notify you with a recurring beep.

Once you have located which sensor needs a new battery, follow our guide to change the batteries.

How to change your battery

How to change your battery:

  1. Put the alarm system in test mode.

    On most keypads, this involves entering your alarm code and pressing the test button. Test mode will prevent any tamper alarms from going off while you work on the sensors. Placing the system in test mode lets the system know you are doing maintenance. Now you are ready to replace the battery.

  2. Take the cover off of your sensor.

    There is a small opening at the bottom of the sensor that a small screwdriver will fit in. Insert a smaller-sized flathead screwdriver in that hole and twist. The cover will pop off. Set the cover aside for now.

  3. Pry out the old battery.

    Using the screwdriver that you used to remove the cover, gently insert the end under the battery and pry out the old battery.

    Make note of the orientation of the old battery so you can insert the new battery correctly. You could take a picture of the old battery before removing it. This provides a reference that you can consult before installing the new battery.

  4. Insert the new battery in the proper place.

    Now that the new battery is in, simply place the cover back on the sensor and press until it snaps into place.

  5. Your battery is now replaced.

    However, if you’re changing batteries for a window or door sensor, you’re not finished quite yet. You need to reactivate your sensor. To do this, open and close the window or door several times until you hear the keypad beep.

    Typically, your keypad will beep three times when you open or close the window or door.

  6. Don’t forget to take the alarm out of test mode!

    Usually, you do this by typing in your code and pressing the off button.

Alarm sensor battery replacement complete, nice work! Your new batteries will help keep you on that path to home protection.