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Is an Electronic Lock Right for My Home?

Posted: March 12, 2015

You know how you have to find a place to tuck your keys away when you go out for a run? If you install an electronic lock, the days of tucking your house key into a small pocket in your gym shorts, hiding it in your shoe, or having a key hidden outdoors are over. This is just one of the small perks of an electronic door lock. But while electronic locks are useful, they aren't necessarily right for everyone. Here are some things to consider when considering installing electronic door locks in your home:

Reasons You Should Consider an Electronic Door Lock

There are many reasons to consider having an electronic door lock. You might have a housekeeper, friends and family that visit often, or you might just be forgetful and leave your keys behind. All of these scenarios are good reasons to get an electronic door lock. Because many electronic locks can sync with your smartphone, you can even unlock or lock your house remotely anywhere and at any time. With an electronic door lock, let anyone you want into your home, and keep out the people you don't want.

To Go Keyless or Not?

When choosing an electronic lock, you can either install one that has an electronic lock and a key slot, or a lock that is strictly an electronic lock. Many people like to have a key as a backup in case the power goes out; but others seem to think that it’s better to have some other type of power source, or another way of getting into the home.

Keypad or No Keypad?

Many electronic door locks have a keypad or a touch screen so that you can punch in a code to enter the house. This is extremely convenient, but if you have buttons on the door lock, the buttons you press most often will begin to wear out over time. That will make it obvious what the code is. To combat this, you can either opt for a door lock that has a touch screen, or you can change up your master code every once in a while.

Have Several Codes

In addition to changing your code often, you should give certain individuals their own special code. These people can be your housekeeper, close friends and family, or a cable installer. It’s entirely up to you! If everyone has their own code, you'll be able to track who has come and gone. That and if someone uses a code to break in and steal something, you'll know who's responsible for either stealing or who let the code slip to the burglar.

Mobile Phone Access

Electronic door locks are commonly linked to your smartphone. This allows you to monitor who comes and goes, and gives you the ability to lock or unlock your house no matter where you are. You can even let people into your home without giving them a code and lock the house after they leave.

Pair an Electronic Lock with a Security System

An electronic lock should only be one component of your security efforts. An electronic lock works best when it is paired, and in some cases, integrated with your home security system. Don't just buy an electronic lock and assume that your home is safe. The electronic lock is just part of the equation. Installing a security system can help give you the peace of mind that your home will remain safe even if someone is able to bypass your door lock.

Why Some People Don't Want an Electronic Door Lock

While many people are interested in electronic door locks, others would never install one on their home. It really depends on someone's personal situation. If you’re the only person who really comes and goes from your home often, you probably don't need an electronic lock. Contacting a security company is a perfect way to learn more about electronic locks and the options you have to choose from. And if you’re still unsure as to whether or not you want an electronic door lock, someone from the security company will be able to assess your home and provide valuable suggestions.