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Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Security System

Posted: March 12, 2015

Do you have a home security system? How long have you had it? What kinds of life changes have occurred since you had it installed? Those life changes—a new job further away, kids, a different financial situation, and so on—typically prompt questions about lifestyle. Part of that discussion should cover home security. You grow and change over the years, so why shouldn’t your home security plan grow with you? Take some time to assess your home and lifestyle and whether your home security is still a good fit for your home and needs. It could be time to consider upgrading your plan. Here are three scenarios when you should consider upgrading your security system.

Financial Situation Has Changed

Let’s say you’ve been promoted (congrats!), or maybe your partner has. Or, one of you has recently taken another job that offers a higher salary than your previous line of work. In any case, now may be a primary time to take inventory of your home security. Now that you have a little more money coming your way every month, you may be looking at your home and thinking about your other financial goals. Now could be the time to install new kitchen cabinets and increase the amount you put away for your kid’s college fund. This is also an ideal time to revisit your home security plan and consider upgrading to a better, updated system. Unless you plan on putting the extra income you’ll be receiving straight into a savings account, your lifestyle will more than likely reflect your new income. This can mean newer belongings, cars, home improvements, and more. When your income increases and your lifestyle reflects it, others will be able to take notice. It’s important to keep your security system up to par in order to help keep your new belongings (as well as your family) safe from harm’s way!

You Have a New Job

Sure, the financial shift has already been discussed – but what about your day-to-day schedule? If you’ve accepted a new position that requires a lot of travel, you might consider upgrading your protection plan to include a smart, bird’s-eye view of your home, no matter where you are. Being gone for several days in a row can signal to burglars that your home is the perfect score. Or maybe your new job—whether it’s in an office or a remote position where you work from home—requires you to purchase work-related equipment that you keep at home and need to protect. Those who work from home often keep nicer computers and equipment, which can become attractive to someone on the prowl. In this case, you might add extra locks to your doors, install motion detectors in rooms with expensive items, and even hide any expensive equipment within closets or in windowless rooms. The main goal would be to help prevent any potential burglars from getting their eyes on what you have.

You’ve Got Little Ones on the Way

When you decide to have a child, there are tons of questions to think about and discuss. “Where do we want to raise our children? How will we give them the best life possible? How can we take extra measures to keep them safe?” One factor that often goes overlooked by new parents is the level of protection they have for their home. Helping to keep them safe and sound should include beefing up your home security so that the (admittedly little) sleep you’ll get as new parents can be worry-free. For new or expecting families, think about installing outdoor lighting, a live camera feed, and motion sensors throughout the house. These are security components that also allow you to keep a close eye on your child. It’s a win-win. In many cases, upgrading your home security plan is a must in order to help maintain your desired level of comfort and safety. As you move through big life changes, it’s important to keep in mind the safety of you and your family.