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9 Home Security Myths Debunked


Like most issues related to the home, the topic of security has fallen victim to a number of myths. From the overall effectiveness of home security systems to the role that police play in catching perpetrators, every aspect of this critical subject has been dissected and discussed ad nauseam. But the endless conversations have yielded a few tall tales that we’d like to set straight.

Read on to get the truth about 9 of the most common home security myths.

Myth #1: It’s too expensive

Fact: Home security monitoring only averages about 30 bucks a month. Plus, consider what you’re getting for that $30 dollars — unmatched peace of mind, which is really priceless when you think about it.

Myth #2: Burglary can’t happen to me

Fact: We’re willing to bet that a good majority of the people who’ve been burgled didn’t sit around going, “I’m going to be robbed soon — I just know it,” and then allowed themselves to be robbed. No one ever thinks that it can happen to them, but burglary, as well as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are all very real dangers that can and do happen to many people. The smartest homeowners prepare for these threats with a security system.


Myth #3: My neighborhood is safe — nothing bad ever happens here

Fact: Just as burglary can happen to anyone, it can also happen anywhere. So what if your neighbor is Mr. Rogers? He may become a victim of Mr. Robber at nightfall. Bottom line: no matter where you live, crime is always a possibility.

Myth #4: My dog is all the protection I need

Fact: Dogs are man’s best friends, no doubt, and their ferocious barking has a tendency to scare off burglars. But many prowlers carry handguns or other weapons for the sole purpose of disabling homeowners, pets or anything else that gets in their way. Your dog may be tough, but we’re pretty sure he isn’t bionic.


Myth #5: My home is too remote and far away from the city to be burgled

Fact: In 2007, the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department had a burglary rate that was 30% higher than that of nearby urban metropolis Philadelphia, demonstrating that thieves aren’t picky about location when it comes time to steal. Whether in the city or country, burglary is a crime of opportunity, and given the chance, crooks will take advantage. In fact, living out in a remote, isolated place may make you even more vulnerable to robbery since there are fewer people around to catch them in the act.

Myth #6: Security systems don’t stop the most determined burglars

Fact: This “myth” is more of a half-truth. But for the average prowler, an alarm system is a hassle, a deterrent that could land him in the slammer if he’s caught. And for most burglars, that’s enough to make them move on to an easier target.


Myth #7: The slow response time of police makes a home security system worthless

Fact: It’s definitely possible for authorities to make it to your home in time to catch a burglar, but home security isn’t solely about catching crooks in the act. It’s about making sure that, if someone does break in, your losses are minimized. Burglary data from Temple University proves that homes without a security system have greater property loss than those with a security system.

Myth #8: Home security systems aren’t trustworthy

Fact: In the early days of home security, this “myth” wasn’t a myth. Snipping a telephone line or disabling a main power supply could easily deactivate older security systems. Now, however, most systems have multiple monitoring layers that prevent easy disarming.


Myth #9: Stolen items are replaceable

Fact: Sure, you can head down to your local department store and pick up a new flat screen. But unless they have a TV + peace of mind bundle deal, your sense of security will probably be a little harder to recover.

Now that you know the truth about home security, consider investing in a monitored security solution by calling us today.