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CASE STUDY: The Allens

Posted: April 04, 2016

Originally posted in January 2016. Updated April 4, 2016.

Chris and Sara Allen moved into their large, single-family home because they wanted a place they could call their own. They originally lived in an apartment, and enjoyed the neighborly camaraderie that came with living in close proximity to others. If they were ever in trouble, the Allens felt that their apartment neighbors would come to their aid by calling police. But by moving to a freestanding, single-family home, the Allens felt that they lost some of that “neighbor insulation.” Sure, they gained privacy and full ownership of their living space, but they lost their sense of security. Find out how they got it back with the help of Protect Your Home.

The moment that changed everything

With Chris spending a lot of time away from home because of work, Sara is often left alone, and she was uncomfortable with her newfound solitude. She worried nonstop about intruders coming in through the basement and not being able to hear them as they break in. And Chris worried about Sara because he had no way of knowing if something had happened to her until he returned home. Eventually, both Sara and Chris got used to living in a single-family home, and their break-in fears slowly became less of an issue.

But then, everything changed. The Allens had a “friend” over who seemed to be sizing up their belongings, as if he was making a mental checklist of things he’d like to take from them.

“Oh wow, you got some nice stuff,” he suspiciously commented.

Shortly after that visit from their sketchy friend, the Allens had their identities stolen, and Chris’ bank account was left with a negative balance. This series of events inspired the Allens to beef up their home security, and they called Protect Your Home for help.

The installation experience

When Security Advisor Tim Jones showed up to install the Allens’ system, he could tell that they had experienced an unfortunate security situation. 

“The Allens were a little bit different than most in that you could tell that there wasn’t really a lot of trust when you first walked through the door,” Tim said.

Chris confirmed Tim’s first impression: “He’s coming into our home. He’s going to know all of our vulnerabilities, as well as having free roam of the house to look at every corner and see what we actually own,” Chris said.

But as the installation went on, Tim got the Allens to let their guard down.

“I’m old — I’m not going to tell you how old I am, but I’m old,” Sara laughed. “And in my entire life, I have never, ever had a salesperson or a technician walk through the door that was as passionate and as personable as Tim was. It was surreal.”

The outcome

The Allens enjoy a newfound peace of mind, but Sara remains sympathetic to those who turn to a life of crime.

“We’re in a time where people are desperate” she said. “And it causes good people to do bad things. And you feel like you’re put into a victim role. And I refuse to be a stinkin’ victim. I just refuse!”

Watch the Allens’ story in their own words.