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Impress Your Friends and Family With These Simple DIY Home Renovation Projects

Posted: February 13, 2014

Your home is a constant project. Fixing plumbing and shoveling the driveway may not be fun, but they are necessary. After finishing the chores, a new project can seem like a hassle, but with these easy home renovations, your house can truly become a home, without breaking your back or your bank account.

Install Exterior Lighting

Sometimes improving the appearance of your home means shedding a little light on your existing assets. Outdoor lighting is easy to install, and can illuminate attractive landscaping, beautiful architecture, and perilous walkways. From security lights to path lights, a little luminescence is a cheap and easy way to make improve your curb appeal, and make your home a little more secure in the process.

Do Some Landscaping

Not only does curb appeal breed a proud owner, it improves the value of your home. And little adds to the attractiveness of your domicile than a well-coifed lawn. Adding gardens full of flowers and functional shrubbery can delineate property lines and add structure to your green-space. Take care when cordoning off your home with flora, however, as high-hedges can conceal intruders.

Replace Your Windows

The best DIY projects don’t just improve the aesthetic of your home, they’re functional too. Old windows can become energy liabilities, raising heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer. Give your portholes a facelift by installing energy-efficient, high-quality windows with strong locks that can both shore up your heating bill and improve the integrity of your perimeter, which will mean warmer nights, and greater peace of mind.

Add Molding

Then again, some projects are simply aesthetic. Adding molding to your walls, both around the edges and in the middle of open space, builds aesthetic structure and improves the interior appeal of your home. In addition, the look provides a refined look with minimal investment, requiring only materials, a tape measure, and a nail gun to turn boring walls into objects of interest.

Update Kitchen Hardware

The go-to solution for an old-looking kitchen is a remodel, but taking such drastic measures to improve your space is often prohibitively expensive. The alternative? Replacing drawer pulls and faucets for an updated look without the cost (or stress) of a full-on rework. Niche and antique hardware manufacturers are now readily accessible through online shops and selecting these unique options can give your kitchen a fresh and distinct feel.

Go Built-In

Every bookcase and shelving unit you buy is more space your family can’t occupy during playtime. For this reason, built-ins are the way to go. By leveraging existing wall-space to house books, games, and knick-knacks, you can clear up space in your home without compromising the space in your home. Just be sure to check for wiring and plumbing before firing up the reciprocating saw.

Tile Your Backsplash

Kitchens are an area of particular remodeling wealth due to the availability of easy-upgrades. Among them, tiling the backsplash behind your stove can give a rustic or modern appeal based on the materials chosen. Furthermore, tiling is a snap requiring little previous experience and a diligent mentality to transform empty space into a pleasing view.

Fix Your Flooring

The term “face-lift” has pretty profound implications; you don’t change a doorknob and call it a remodel. Flooring, on the other hand, is a great, and surprisingly easy, way to add some life to your home. While wood flooring and tiling used to be a challenge, modular solutions now exist that can turn the job into a weekend project, brightening a space and changing its look entirely.

Replace Your Door

With paintings, shelving, and moldings dominating decorator’s attention, something as simple as a door can go overlooked. But the portal to your home is an expression all its own. From demure to vivid, a door can be an extension of your personality, and with only a few screws standing between you and a livelier, more secure home, the change is worth the paltry effort. Changing your home doesn’t require a team of contractors. Sometimes simple solutions can breath life into your residence without the hassle of an extensive remodel. Dazzle your neighbors and your family with these easy-to-do DIY projects and enjoy the comforts of a home more secure, and more tailored to your life.