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The Truth about Break Ins

Posted: August 30, 2019

Think of a burglar. Keep that first image in mind. Try to flesh it out: where does this burglar do his evil work? What time of day is it? What is he there to steal? Is it even a he? 

All of us have an idea in our head about the kind of people who steal from our homes. We think we know when they’d do it because we’ve seen all the movies and television shows. They sneak up to the back door in the dark of night.

They cover their fist with their sleeve and break the glass.

They’re in our house with us, while we’re sleeping.

That’s amazing drama. It raises your pulse and gets your blood pressure up. 

But is it true?

Are those the threats you need to protect your home against?



Fantasy versus Reality

Statistics about the reality of home invasions in the United States are pretty easy to find, and you can easily compare them to your preconceptions.

For example, do you picture the burglar as a dapper home invader, dressed all in black, who slips into the study and cracks the safe hidden behind the oil painting? Depending on your preference for murder mysteries, it may be. Research tells us a different story.

The average dollar loss of a burglary today is just over $2,000, with items such as cash, jewelry, guns, drugs and small electronics topping the list. Burglars carry off what they can reach quickly and carry easily.


Burglars usual strike during the day while you are at work and kids are at school.

And they don’t do it at night. Most burglaries occur between 10 am and 3 pm--when you’re at work or school.

Knowing how burglaries most often occur helps you choose the right tools and methods to defend against them. This is why Protect Your Home security advisors so often recommend indoor cameras and the ADT Pulse ® app, so you can see what’s going on at home with your phone while you’re away.

24/7 ADT-monitored home security from Protect Your Home will notify the police, but it’s your home. You’ll want to see what’s going on, as soon as you can.

A live view of your home, while the alarm is going off, is a pretty good description of “as soon as you can.” 

Are You Worried About the Right Things?

All of us are guilty of imagining things can’t happen to us. We won’t get in an accident if we text and drive. We won’t drop our groceries carrying all the bags in one trip.

Our home won’t be the one that gets broken into.


In the United States, a home is invaded every 14-15 seconds. That’s 2.2 million homes a year, protected by families who may have thought “this won’t happen to me.”

Perhaps you know you live in a nice neighborhood. Bad people don’t live there. Bad people live in bad neighborhoods. Many of us believe that, wanting to think the best of our neighbors and friends.

But when a home is invaded, police know more often than not, the invader will probably live within two miles of the home they broke into.

They know the culprit is likely to be under 25 years old, and almost always male.

And most distressingly, they know that nearly 9 times out of ten, the burglar will get away with it.

It can happen to you. It can be your home. And sometimes, the difference between your home being invaded and another is the presence of that little, blue “protected by ADT home security” sign in your yard.


adt yard signs deter crime

What Actually Matters in Home Invasion Deterrence

Here’s a simple statistic: a home without a security system is three times as likely to be broken into as one without one. 

Three times. 

Does that feel real? What if your car held three times as much gasoline? What if you got three times your present salary? 

You would jump at getting three times those things. Don’t leave your home’s safety to three times more likely as well.

Almost half, 47%, of all burglaries occur in the South. Barely 11% occur in the Northeast, with the rest spread evenly across the West and Midwest.

No region is completely safe.

No neighborhood is completely safe.

What matters is that your home is prepared. Most home invasions last anywhere from 90 seconds to 12 minutes. When the time window is that short. When the chances of catching them after they’re gone are 9/10 against. It matters that ADT’s 24/7 monitoring alerts the police as quickly as possible. 

Being prepared is the best deterrent there is. 

Recent studies claim that up to 87% of all burglaries are preventable.  You want to be in that category, not the 13% who did nothing.

Feel safer in your home.

Be a part of the 87%. 

Call 1-844-547-2594 today and schedule your meeting with on our certified home security advisors. Get a realistic appraisal of your home’s security.