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Home Security Facts

It’s easy for us to go about our days as if there are no threats to us or our homes, because most of the time, that’s true. However, on average, burglaries occur every 13 seconds in the U.S., according to Safe Wise, which means more than 5,400 occur each day. Some intruders trash the home, adding insult to injury, while others simply take everything you have that’s valuable. Either way, around $4.5 billion dollars was lost in 2013 due to burglaries and the damages these intrusions caused. These statistics aren’t meant to cause unnecessary fear or create uneasiness for citizens, however, the more you know about how often they happen, the more you can prepare and work to prevent them. Many criminals are not professionals, which means they don’t care the trail they leave and are more likely to destroy your home, leaving you with the cost of repairs along with the loss of your possessions. From home security systems to simply leaving your lights on in a certain way when you’re not home, there is an incredible amount of information on how to protect your home and your family. Learn more about the most recent statistics and how you can combat these unfortunate events from happening to you and your loved ones.

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