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4 Reasons Moms Love Home Security Systems

Posted: May 12, 2017

Mothers. Where would we be without them? They keep you safe, they make sure you are clean, and get you to all those crazy events that make up your childhood. From crafty queens, to extracurricular enthusiasts, and ouchie fixers, most moms are worrying warriors. Moms know the importance of personal security.

Moms worry about their children all the time. It’s a never-ending job. Regardless of how old they may be or how self-sufficient, children never quite leave the minds of their mothers. It stands to reason that moms are concerned about personal security. So, we asked a few moms what’s on their minds and how they put those worries to rest. Here are a few personal security trends that stood out for moms.

Mobile access to home security provides greater peace of mind for moms

As worrying warriors, moms are often concerned about the personal security and safety of their children. They want to know that their kids get home safely. Mothers also want the peace of mind knowing that children are not left vulnerable if they are home alone. Others find themselves home alone with children when their spouse travels. In any event, knowing that their home and the precious cargo stored inside (hopefully, snug in their beds) are safe is an important piece in the personal security puzzle.

Ashley Shearin works in Event Sales and has a young son. Her greatest worry is being home alone when her husband travels. Ashley and her husband chose a home security system so that she would feel safe when her husband was out of town. She is comforted knowing that she would know immediately if her “house was entered by an intruder.” She feels a true sense of relief knowing that she is always aware of what is happening in her home “via mobile device.”

Mobile access to home security, like the ADT Pulse app, is a popular feature among moms. Being away from home is no longer a cause for concern. With mobile updates and remote access, moms can ensure the safety of their children even if they aren’t physically present.

Annette Forrester is a hair stylist and make-up artist with two young children, ages eight and one. She loves the mobile features that come with her home security system. “It gives me peace of mind that I can also check it from my phone at anytime from anywhere and see that my house is safe.”

Personal security is a reasonable goal, even if you can’t be home. Check here for our 10 tips for using ADT Pulse.

home alone - home security

Home security helps moms feel safe and secure in their homes

Once you fall victim to a break-in, it can be difficult to regain that sense of personal security. Cathy Hartowicz has grown children. Both of her kids are in their thirties and now live independently. However, Cathy recalls the feeling of knowing someone has broken into your home:

“We’ve had someone break into our home before we had the security system. It was likely other high school kids who knew my kids, according to the police. But that feeling that someone was in your home rifling through your things is pretty disturbing.”

Many years later, Cathy is still comforted by her home security system, even though her children are no longer at home.

Similarly, other moms saw the effect a home invasion had on neighbors or loved ones and decided to take preventative measures. Stacy Stover is a teacher with two young girls. Stacy and her husband “chose an alarm system after a vandalism incident.” She admits that they “wanted to be better prepared in case it happened again.” Stacy recognizes that helping to keep her family safe is worth the investment. ”Keeping our girls safe is my biggest worry — our stuff is replaceable but they are not!”

Stacy echoes the sentiment that is felt by most moms. Personal security is a must when you have little ones to worry about.

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Home security systems are versatile

Personal security is a significant part of home security. And today’s home security systems are versatile. You can add to the element of personal security by integrating features that offer additional protection.

Many systems have optional add-ons like fire protection, flood sensors, and even indoor cameras. Moms like knowing their children are protected from intruders, but today’s home security systems can even alert you to adverse conditions that come from inside your home, like fires and flooding.

Kerri Fischer is a researcher with Eli Lilly. As a mother to twin girls and a young son, Kerri finds reassurance in a home security system that thwarts intruders. But, she also enjoys the additional benefits: “The greatest benefit I receive is peace of mind knowing that my house is safe from unwanted intruder(s) as well as an alert for fire and heating or A/C system issues.”

Cameras are another optional accessory that can offer extra protection. With three young children ages seven and under, Leigh Hamer always knows when her kids are inside their home. Working for a marketing firm, she isn’t able to be home at all times. The greatest benefit she receives from her security system comes with the confidence of knowing that she will always “be alerted if an entry is opened.” Her cameras offer her that extra sense of personal security. If she does receive an alert, she simply checks the cameras to see what is happening. With a quick glance at her phone, Leigh knows immediately what is taking place.

Annette also enjoys a greater sense of personal security because of her home security system. With angled cameras positioned in all areas of her home, she is able to check in on her kids at any time. “It gives me peace of mind that I can also check it from my phone at anytime from anywhere and see that my house is safe.”

Opting for additional features could be just what you need to find relief from your worrying.

home security helps moms empower their children

Home security systems help moms empower their children

Personal security is empowering. It gives you control over your own sense of safety. More importantly, home security systems help moms to empower their children.

Amanda Kunzer is a former pediatric cardiac nurse. Working with children for 11 years, Amanda now stays home with her two young children, ages five and four. Before having children, Amanda fell victim to a home invasion. Intruders used a crowbar to break into her apartment. Recalling the unpleasant situation, Amanda now wants to give her own children the tools they need to feel safe in their home. “I want them to be safe and secure…but also empowered. The security system is a small piece of that empowerment.”

Providing their children with a level of control over their own well-being is very important to Amanda and her family. She also admits that her home security helps her keep a watchful eye over her children, in addition to protecting from outside threats.

Amanda lives on open land. Her nearest neighbors reside a few acres away from her home. As a three-year-old, her stealthy young son delighted in feeding the chickens belonging to their neighbor. He would frequently let himself outside, sometimes enticing his two-year-old sister to come with him.

Having good neighbors is priceless, as Amanda quickly discovered. Her neighbors would call and walk her children back home. After the installation of her security system, her son made yet another escape attempt, but was thwarted by the door alarms included in their home security system: “One occurrence of him leaving the house while it was alarmed was enough to scare him to never do it again. He still talks about how loud the alarm sound is.”

Peace of mind comes in many forms. And we are happy to help provide that to all of the mothers out there who are worrying warriors. Happy Mother’s Day!