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The Best DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Family

batsonwall It’s that time of year when ghosts and ghouls come out to play, and children dress up like their favorite comic book heroes, princesses, and more. Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t decorated your home for new, otherworldly guests, it’s time to get cracking! While the witches and the Avengers skip from door to door, you want to give them an experience to remember! You’ll have a ball making your own DIY Halloween decorations with your family to spruce up your home and really get into the season (and maybe you’ll spook some of those trick-or-treaters).Here are some really neat DIY decoration projects you can do to get your home in the Halloween spirit!

Wall of Bats

Bats are synonymous with vampires, and vampires are synonymous with Halloween, so it’s only fitting that we see them everywhere during Halloween season. You can take your walls—inside or outside—to a whole new level with this simple, inexpensive project from danamadeit.com that’s all about the bats. This is a great one to get the kids involved with!

Large Milk Jug Spider

milkjugspider This big guy is really easy and only slightly creepy. For decorating an outside window or your lawn, round up a milk jug, black foam insulation tubes, a couple plastic eggs, some black tape, and follow these easy-to-do instructions from Spoonful.com.

Yarn Spider Web

yarnspiderweb Of course, you can’t go crazy on DIY Halloween projects without including at least some spider webs, right? Yarn spider webs can be as big or small as you want them. They give a decent freak-factor while not going overboard so you don’t scare the young ones too much. For a great, quick guide on how to put these together, check out Instructables.com.

Window Silhouette Décor

windowsilhouette Gather some cardboard or big black sheets of paper, some scissors, and tape for this window-decorating project. Decorating your windows is a neat way to instantly turn an undecorated home into a lively, Halloween-ready mansion. While this guide from Shelterness.com makes some pretty cool suggestions, you can really get creative with this one. Round up the kids and see what kinds of interesting scenes they can come up with to fill your window space for the season!

Pasta Skeletons

macaroniskeleton This one is fun and a little educational. Get some pasta and paper, and build your very own pasta skeletons, labels and all. While the kids put together the shapes, they can learn what each one is called. Marthastewart.com also recommends using alphabet soup noodles for the labels. Hang these up around the house to add to the festive season and get in the Halloween spirit. DIY projects are a simple, easy way to decorate your house while creating memories with your family. Kids adore Halloween, and we can all remember when we donned white sheets with cut-out eyeholes or smiled wide with vampire fangs when we were younger. So, embrace the season and start decorating your home with your kids!