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Five Ways to Customize Your Do-It-Yourself Security System

lockblue So you’re already familiar with the process of developing your own personal security system for your home. Now you’re looking into how to customize and improve that system. With all the security devices and gadgets readily available on the market, you should also consider how to further tailor your do-it-yourself security system to meet your needs. Here are a few tips:

Use Devices In New Ways

You don’t always have to use devices the way they were originally intended. Use a security camera not to look for intruders, but to watch your pet to see if it suffers from separation anxiety when you leave. Use automated lights indoors for convenience when you get home rather than as a deterrent for anyone outside of your home at night. Get creative with your various security devices, and use them in new ways that help with both convenience and security. You’re limited only to your own creativity. 

Assess Your Home: What’s Unique?

Different houses and neighborhoods will have varying elements that will require different use of a security system. Dark streets versus lit streets, two-story houses versus one-story houses, and trusted neighbors versus neighbors you’re not so comfortable around. By evaluating what’s unique about your area and your house, you’ll have a better idea of what customizations you’ll need to help ensure your house is kept safe. Even the fact that you live with other people—roommates or your children—could influence how you customize your security system.

Evaluate Your Personal Goals for a Security System

As far as customization goes, what truly matters is that you feel secure. What someone else thinks is necessary isn’t always important. For some, just owning a dog is enough to provide a sense of security. For others, a personal sense of safety could mean investing thousands of dollars in an elaborate security system. Define your personal sense of security, and the customized options will make themselves known.

Pair Devices with Your Smartphone

Nowadays, many security devices and features can be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to have complete access to everything. If you’re relying on several apps for every different security feature, you might consider using an umbrella app like SmartThings ® to control all those features at once. It’s convenient, and you’ll be sure not to miss an update on anything that’s happening at your house when you’re away.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Technology Alone

It’s easy to forget how unique your living situation is, how different neighbors can be on opposite sides of the street, and how—sometimes—you need to revert back to some of those more traditional security concepts. We’re talking the “old school” style of security: giving trusted neighbors a copy of your house key, and asking neighbors who are home during the day to keep an eye out. Don’t limit yourself to technology alone. Home security customization often means adding a human element to the mix. Once you make the decision to go the DIY route with your home security, consider the many ways you can further customize or expand on what you’ve installed. This will give you greater feelings of control and personal investment in your home security, which can help provide peace of mind and confidence. Want to learn more about how you can truly personalize your home? Visit protectyourhome.com to learn about our bundles!