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FAQ: Nuts and Bolts

Posted: January 11, 2015

While your security system is created to help keep you safe with the latest, up-to-date technology, that doesn’t mean that every little job needs to be done by a Security Advisor. Many customers want to possess some control over their security system. Here are answers to some of the frequent questions that are asked by customers who want a little more control over their home security.

How Do I Bypass the Security System?

In certain circumstances it might be a good idea to leave select sensors unmonitored while the rest of your system is still armed. If you feel the need to do this, you’ll have to bypass the security system. Here’s how. 1. Find, press, and hold the ‘Bypass’ button on the security system’s keypad. 2. Enter your user code into the security system’s keypad. 3. Scroll through the different zones of your security system to select the zone you would like to bypass. 4. Once you’ve found the zone that you want, press the * key and the letter B will appear in the lower right corner of the display screen indicating that the zone has now been bypassed. 5. When the system is armed it will prompt you that you’re arming with a zone that has been bypassed. 6. If the security system is disarmed, the zone will no longer be bypassed, and you will have to go through the bypass procedure again in order to have the system bypassed.

How Do I Change the Brightness of the Keypad?

The brightness of your keypad is important so that you can see exactly what you’re doing. When your security system is installed, your Security Advisor will adjust the brightness on your keypad based on your personal preference. If you’d like to change the brightness of the keypad after the Security Advisor has left, follow these steps: 1. Disarm your system. 2. Press the * key and 6. 3. The system will ask for the master code. 4. Type in your four-digit master code. 5. After that, press the left arrow key. This will bring up various options. Stop when you reach the brightness option. 6. Press the * key again. This should set the system to have the brightness adjusted. 7. Use the right and left arrow keys to find the brightness level you prefer. 8. Once you’ve gotten the brightness where you want it, hit the # once or twice to exit out.

How Do I Change the Sensor’s Battery?

Replacing a low battery is extremely important. If you don’t replace the battery, your security system will not be able to help protect you. Follow these steps to replace a sensor battery.

Assemble the Tools

1. Get your Personal ID code. 2. A replacement battery. 3. Find out which sensor has a low battery.

Follow These Steps

1. Start by putting the keypad into test mode by entering a code included in your security systems user manual. 2. Open the cover on the sensor. Most sensors can be easily opened with your fingers, but some may require a flathead screwdriver to pop off the cover. 3. Remove the old battery from the sensor. Sometimes it may be necessary to use a small flathead screwdriver to lift the battery out of the device. 4. Install the new battery into the sensor. Pay close attention to the positive and negative connections on both the device and the battery. 5. After you’ve installed the battery, replace the sensor’s cover. 6. Test the sensor by opening the door or window it’s monitoring. 7. Reset the keypad by entering in your code.  If you have any questions about these procedures or any others, check out our FAQ Page or call {{Phone800}} and customer service representative will be able to assist you.