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Home Renovations to Improve Home Security


Improving your family's home security by installing devices like an ADT monitored home security alarm will help protect your home and loved ones. Further, exploring the interior of your home to identify all possible points-of-entry and possible security breaches will help you gain a better sense of what areas in your home could be renovated. To start, consider investing in new windows or installing updated lighting fixtures for better visibility.  

Consider the following helpful home security tips to get started on the renovation process.

Adjusting your windows and doors

Doors and windows can have a tremendous effect on your home's energy consumption and security. To reduce your home's heating and fueling expenses, double or triple-paned windows will help seal hot or cold air indoors and prevent leakages. Windows that are coated with low emissivity argon gas can also boost insulating capacity.

For home security purposes, windows with additional panes are more resistant to cracking and tougher to break. Therefore, intruders will have less of an opportunity to enter your home. Also, having resilient, dent and corrosion-free doors will act as a deterrent to possible burglars.

The benefits of easy-access locks

Often, burglars break in through unlocked doors. If you have a difficult time remembering to lock your doors, consider the benefits of easy-access locks. Instead of keys, these devices use a digital passcode input on a touch keypad. For older, arthritic adults, easy-access locks can be a convenient renovation in terms of comfort and security.

Devoting time to landscaping

Do you have shrubbery or brush on your lawn? This may create a visibility issue that allows prospective intruders to conceal themselves. By mowing the lawn, trimming shrubbery and removing other possible obstructions you will be more aware of what is going on outside of your home.

While outdoors, you may also spot certain places where an ADT monitored home security system would be appropriate. A home security professional can advise you on the best places to install an alarm, but understanding the exterior layout of your home is helpful when selecting the right security alarm system.

Making adjustments to the millwork around your home will also boost your home’s security.