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Can Your Home Security System Keep You Safe Even When You’re Not At Home?

smartphone We’re finally in an era where home security isn’t just about helping keep you safe when you’re actually at home; it’s also about extending a little bit of that neat technology to help provide a boost in home security while we’re away from home, too. Okay, you might be thinking: “How would my home security system help keep me safe when I’m not at home?” Luckily with smartphone technology, the answers to that question are many.

Don’t Come Home

Unless you’ve already experienced a home break-in with a smart security system in place, you’ve probably never received a mobile notification that your system has been triggered by what could be a potential break-in. These triggers are safety-approved because it tells you, “Hey! There’s some serious things happening at your house so you might want to warn the authorities and keep your distance until everything is resolved.”

Time to Freak Out the Intruders

So you’ve been given a notification that your system has been tripped and a potentially dangerous person (or troop of dangerous persons) are inside your smart-secured house. The authorities have also been given the 411 and are hopefully en route. Now it’s time to do what you can to help protect your valuables and help get your home back to its normally safe state. If you have control over anything in your home through your smart security system, it’s now time to play master of the house and spook your intruders into leaving. There are all kind of systems that can and will give you the power to reign over your entire house through one main security hub, like ADT Pulse®, which allows you to flash your lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, maybe even set your thermostat for intense heat or cold. Essentially, you can attempt to turn your home into a haunted mansion and get the bad guys out of there as fast as you can.

Safety as a State of Mind

Security systems are obviously set in place to help protect your home in the event of a break-in, but they mainly help provide security through state of mind. A smaller scale security system can sound an alarm and notify you when a break-in happens, but it doesn’t give you much control or access while you’re away from home. Smart systems that link to smartphones allow you to have that remote access and control over your home, which can help you during a possible break-in. They can allow you to access camera feeds to see what intruders are doing in your home (which can help you create a list of stolen items later on and identify the thieves). Not only can it assist you during the event, but it can help provide a comfortable state of mind that only comes with knowing you can control your security system even when you’re way. This means being able to arm your system when you’ve left in a hurry and forgot to set it, and even disarm it when you have a friend coming to drop something off that you don’t want to sit on the porch until you get home. Mobile security can help provide safety through a number of comprehensive controls and notifications that help you to be more involved with the actual protection of your home – and it’s having that control that brings you comfort even when you’re away from home.