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How Do I Know If My New Security System Is a Good Fit for My Needs?

cameras-300x200 Because security systems are so common these days, there are many offers to bundle systems into packages. While these systems may work fine for some people, they aren’t necessarily the right fit for everyone. Homes vary greatly in architecture, age, condition, layout, and landscaping, and no two families are exactly alike, which means there isn’t one security system that will work for everyone. Before you blindly purchase the first security system you come across, take some time to really assess your home and your situation to help ensure that you choose the right system.

Look at the Possible Entrances and Exits

Where are the doors of your house? How many are there? What about windows? Outer basement doors? When you’re trying to assess whether or not you have the right security system for your home, you need to think about all of the points of entry into your house. Think about more than just your front and back door. Burglars may use windows, basements, or whatever they can to get into your home. Any possible entrance is a threat, and should be covered by your system. Once you have a count of the number of entrances and exits, look at your security system. Does it cover all of these spots? Can it be altered to do so? If the answer is no, you might want to think about upgrading or finding a new system that fits your home.

Look Over the Layout of Your Home

While the entrances and exits are probably the most important, you also need to think about the layout of your home, and how that will affect your needs. Are there two doors or a door and a window that can be covered by one sensor or camera? Sometimes you’ll be able to simply adjust your current system so that it keeps track of all areas of your home. Does your home have one level or two? Just because the second floor is pretty high doesn’t mean you don’t need any security measures on that level. Pull out, or draw up, a blueprint of your home and strategize with your home security provider.

Where Are Your Valuables?

Something you’ll probably look at when you consider your home’s layout is the location of valuables. Are expensive, important possessions near an exit? If so, you may want to think about moving them to another location. Valuable items very close to a window or door can easily be stolen even if you have the best security system for your home. Someone could break in and make a quick grab. Keep anything you can’t live without away from windows and doors.

What Does Your Current System Cover?

Before you go out and buy a new system, consider what your current system already covers. Sometimes you’ll find that with a few minor adjustments your current system is fine, while other times you might have to make one small addition. In any case, don’t just rush out and buy a new system. It’s almost always best to try and work with what you’ve got, but if there is a major need, get a professional out soon before you have any problems. If you’re looking for help crafting your protection plan, make sure to reach out to your friends at Protect Your Home!