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Important Security Tips for College Students

blog-default It can be easy to ensure your child's safety at home. While your kids are there, you're able to monitor their whereabouts and doings. You can pick them up from school or a friend's house and make sure they return safely. One of the scariest moments for parents is when their young one grows up and enters college, especially if he or she chooses to live on campus. Home security systems may protect your family in the house, but on campus safety tips will provide the best precautions for your college student once they move away. Pick the right friends A common concern among parents is the diverse population that makes up most universities. College is a time to meet new people and make friends, but be sure to remind your child that caution is never a bad practice. If he or she ever feels insecure or are suspicious of anything his or her peers may be doing, let them know that he or she should leave, regardless of what classmates may think. Real friends will understand and potential friends won't mind. Lock the door College dorms are configured and regulated to create the safest environment. However, there are still potentials for break-ins and burglaries. Remind your college student that his or her dorm should always be locked whenever he or she leaves, whether it's for a shower, a quick run to the vending machine or anything else. Laptops and other valuables are easily grabbed and anyone who looks like a typical college student can easily leave the building. It may be beneficial to invest in a computer lock to better secure the essential device against would-be thieves. Walk with someone College parties can go until morning and though this may not be a major concern, the commute back home very much is. One simple college safety tip is to walk with a trustworthy and responsible friend and avoid dark paths or shortcuts. Many campuses operate 24 hour transportation services for students. Tell your loved one to make use of it if possible. In the event that your child has no one to walk back with, make sure he or she saves the number for campus police, who can escort the student home. It's important to make sure your child is as safe as possible when you're not around. Remember to offer advice and be open-minded and approachable so that he or she can always come to you.