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5 Ways to Use Your Security System to Keep Your Valentine's Day Interruption-Free [Infographic]

Posted: February 02, 2015

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. There’s no denying that romance is in the air for many happy couples! Life, however, is filled with all sorts of interruptions that could ruin anyone’s evening at home: barking dogs, solicitors, noisy neighbors, and the list goes on. But if the lights are dim and everyone is fairly quiet, one other possible interruption could be an intruder. Yikes! Luckily, some features of your home security system can help keep your evening safe, enjoyable and of course, interruption free: 1. Set an Timer for your Outdoor Lights 2. Adjust the Temperature Before You Get Home 3. Arm the System After Everyone Gets Home 4. Monitor the Live Video Feed 5. Enable Motion Detectors Read the above infographic to see how these features can help you this Valentine’s Day!