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Q&A: How Does a Home Security System Work?

blog-default Home security systems have become valued home and business upgrades over recent decades, as homeowners and commercial tenants have sought reliable means to protect their abodes and family members from the risk of fire, burglary and other harrowing situations. However, most people are unaware of how these systems function and how they can create a full spectrum of protection for a home or business in the event of an emergency. While some home security systems can be customized to suit a customer's individual needs, most alarm systems are built around a few central concepts. The vast majority of home security systems utilize a simple electric circuit to control the alarm and typically fall into two categories - closed-circuit and open-circuit. A closed-circuit system works when a door is shut and allows electricity to flow from one end of the circuit to the other. When the door is opened, this cuts the electric current and triggers the alarm. Open-circuit systems function when a door is opened, which then closes the circuit and triggers the alarm. There are a number of different ways that home security systems can use this function, such as magnetic sensors and electromagnets. After an alarm is engaged, this will set off a chain reaction of events that will allow a home security company to respond quickly to any emergency situation. When an alarm is triggered, an emergency signal is sent to the provider's Monitoring Central Station, who typically call the home to speak with the homeowner to see whether or not the alarm was set off accidentally and to see if he or she requires assistance, reported Home Security & Management Company. Most often, a home or business owner will have a unique password known only to them and loved ones which security technicians will request when an alarm is set off. If there is no answer at the home or if the user is experiencing an emergency situation, the security company will contact the local authorities, like the fire or police departments, who will be dispatched immediately to the home or business. This ability to rapidly respond to myriad instances of fire, burglary, medical emergencies is the primary reason why millions of home and business owners have decided to invest in these security systems to give them peace of mind in knowing that they can respond quickly to any condition.