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Secure Moving

blog-default If you’re gearing up to move house, you’re already well aware of the tedious list of chores that needs to be completed for a successful move. You need to schedule the movers, box everything up, and you have to phone your current—and new—utility suppliers and let them know you’re moving. All of this can creep up slowly until you’re going crazy trying to get everything done in time. While you’re juggling all of these things, are you making conscious efforts to ensure a safe and secure move? Here’s a quick, three-point checklist that’ll help put you on the right track for secure moving:

1. Find the Right Movers

We all know about the local moving companies and the big name ones, but are we all aware of their reputations and security precautions? Your belongings are important to you; that’s why you’re bringing them with you to your new home. You want to make sure everything gets there in the same condition as when you boxed it up. If you’re planning to involve a moving company, you don’t want to go with the first company you call. You should shop around and ask key questions to help make sure that you’re getting the best security possible at an affordable price. Here are some good questions to ask:
  • What security measures do your employees take when handling customers’ belongings?
  • What is the maximum amount of time your employees will contribute to the move?
  • What is your overall goal when moving customers into a new home?
Answers to these questions will show some true colors. First of all, if they limit the amount of time they’ll spend on your move, you may be dealing with a moving company that wants to get in and out as fast as possible. This can contribute to careless mishandling of boxes. If the person you speak with can’t talk about the security measures employed during the moving process, chances are they don’t truly understand how to move things safely.

2. Help Ensure Your Valuables Are Safe

One of everyone’s biggest fears while moving is losing or damaging something highly valuable. With all the commotion that comes with relocating, losing items is pretty easy to do. Luckily, there are precautions that you can take to help ensure that your valuables are being safely transported from one place to the next:
  • Throw Your Valuables in a Safe –

    Safes are heavy, secure and they’re often times very large. Why, the chances of you losing an ostentatious object like that are rather slim. The chances of someone even attempting to break into a safe are pretty slim too – especially since you possess the combination or key.
  • Don’t Make Yourself an Easy Target –

    If a thief spots an easy target, they’re very likely going to take advantage of the opportunity. If you store valuable items in a box that’s labeled “valuables,” that’s naturally the first place thieves are going to look.Try this! If you have enough space, place your valuables in the most unexpected containers. Do you really think a thief is going to be enticed to sift through bathroom decor in order to find expensive jewelry or electronics? Highly unlikely.
  • Do It Yourself –

    If something is just too darn valuable to entrust with another person, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to do it yourself. Before the movers even stroll in looking for stuff to grab, why not transport the items yourself? If the item isn’t easy to transport, get the assistance of a family member or a friend that you trust.

3. Install or Transfer Your Security System

If you’re currently undergoing the moving process, it’s a good time to think about home security and what you’ll eventually want in your new home. Even if the neighborhood you're moving into is safe, anything can happen; so installing a home security system is never a bad idea. With a home security system, you'll have access to wireless sensors, high decible alarms, two-way communication with the monitoring team, and more. Two-way monitoring doesn't come with a basic security system, but it is available as an upgrade, something worth considering. If you're moving soon, give us a call! We'll be able to answer questions and get you all set up!